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  1. Brains Trust66

    News Saints Women’s Team News

    Wasn’t sure where to put this so I’ve put it here lol. Great to see so many of the Saints women’s team sign up to keep playing for the Saints whenever the next season starts . I thought they showed a lot of promise during their first season and were actually building to a big finish when the...
  2. Brains Trust66

    Podcast 2019 Saints review . Saturday 5th October 2019

    Hi everyone . The Saints Big Footy Podcast is doing a season review this saturday at 11 am . Everyone is invited to join in . All you need is a microphone , the site we use wont let you join unless you have a working mic. No need to join up or pay anything , its free. All you have to do is...
  3. Brains Trust66

    Coach Time For Ratten to Go.

    im just getting in early .
  4. Brains Trust66

    News So Close To Our First Premiership , The Story of 1913

    A story of a pass that went wrong BY JACK ELDER In one of a series of articles written in 1935 for the Sporting Globe, former VFL umpire, Jack Elder, tells the story of St. Kilda's near miss in the 1913 grand final. Jack Elder describes: How an error robbed St. Kilda of the league pennant. The...
  5. Brains Trust66

    Resource Saints video highlights of 2019 season so far .

    ‪Round One RD 1 | Highlights v Gold Coast ‪RD 1 | Jimmy's knack releases running Jack -‬ ‪RD 1 | All the Goals - ‪RD 1 | Moments that mattered -
  6. Brains Trust66

    Podcast St.Kilda BigFooty Podcast

    While George is still having a few problems setting up the podcast , I thought tomorrow evening I would try a practise podcast . so if anyone is free at around 7pm and you can skype me then join in and we will have a go just to see what its like . It wont be put up for others to hear but it will...
  7. Brains Trust66

    Prediction Looking back at 2019 season

    With the end of the 2019 season it’s time to look back at the biggest stories for each club this season . West Coast - The Eagles unhappy with the free kick count at home this season , an average of 10 extra free kicks is not enough cried their Coach . Richmond - The Tigers season started so...
  8. Brains Trust66

    Podcast Saints BigFooty Podcast

    We are getting a new big footy saints podcast up and running soon . If you are interested in doing a review or preview of the Saints games then please leave your name under this topic . If we have a few people interested then we will do some sort of roster so people will know when they have to...
  9. Brains Trust66

    News Global TV app

    I have mentioned this app in a couple of threads but I thought it might be a good idea to put up the info for every one to see it . There are better ways of finding streams for some things but this is a handy app that so far I have been able to watch English Premier League games that have been...
  10. Brains Trust66

    News Plugger to Richmond?

    According to these TV news reports Plugger agreed to a deal with Richmond when he was leaving the Saints. The reports say he agreed to play for Richmond and the two clubs just had to arrange a deal. Funny I don't remember this at all. Anyone know why the deal fell through? Go Saints
  11. Brains Trust66

    News With St.Kilda

    On the Saints Web page they have started putting up videos of former players and long time supporters saying why they will still be there next season. I thought maybe we should do the same on here except it's just us Big Footy Saints fans. I'll go first. I'm 54 years old and have followed the...
  12. Brains Trust66

    News English Premier League For Saints Fans

    Since we got a good response during the World Cup and the Saints aren’t playing of course , let’s discuss the English Premier League and any other leagues you want to bring up . I’m a mad Liverpool supporter , have been since I can remember. Years ago a friend went to England and brought me...
  13. Brains Trust66

    Prediction Saints Forward Set Up For 2019

    Been trying to work out what our best forward set up will be for next year . Assuming that everyone will be fit and ready to go of course . Our potential forwards will be - Membrey , Bruce , Paddy , Marshall , Long , Billings , Lonie , Weller , Acres , Newnes , Gresham , Battle , Clark ...
  14. Brains Trust66

    Delisted Ray Connellan

    40 Ray Connellan Height187 cm DOB 29-06-1994Weight 85 kg
  15. Brains Trust66

    Delisted Doulton Langlands

    St Kilda has selected Murray Bushrangers midfielder Doulton Langlands with pick No. 8 in Monday afternoon's Rookie Draft. Langlands was a member of Greater Western Sydney’s academy in recent years and played 25 games across the past two years in the TAC Cup. He also represented the Allies in...
  16. Brains Trust66

    Delisted Logan Austin

    St Kilda Football Club has secured promising key defender Logan Austin after a deal was struck with Port Adelaide Football Club today. St Kilda exchanged the club’s future third round selection (2018) for Austin and Port Adelaide’s future fourth round selection (2018). Austin, 22, originally...
  17. Brains Trust66

    Senior Ben Paton - Player Advocate: St Pauls

    St Kilda has acquired Murray Bushrangers midfielder-defender Ben Paton with their fourth and final pick at No. 46 in Friday night's NAB AFL Draft in Sydney. After being overlooked in last year's drafts, Paton returned to the Bushrangers this season as a 19-year-old overage player and thrived in...
  18. Brains Trust66

    Senior Oscar Clavarino - Player Advocate: Significant

    St Kilda has recruited Dandenong Stingrays rebounding defender Oscar Clavarino with pick No. 35 in the Friday night's NAB AFL Draft in Sydney. After Richmond matched the Saints' bid for Victorian midfielder Patrick Naish - the son of former Tiger Chris - St Kilda chose Clavarino with their...
  19. Brains Trust66

    Senior Hunter Clark - Player Advocate: BigMonty

    Dandenong Stingrays midfielder Hunter Clark is now a Saint after he was selected with pick No. 7 in Friday night’s NAB AFL Draft in Sydney. With St Kilda's first of two top 10 picks - for the first time since the Saints drafted Luke Ball and Xavier Clarke in 2001 - St Kilda added a star inside...
  20. Brains Trust66

    Senior Nicholas Coffield - Player Advocate: dct66

    St Kilda has selected Northern Knights captain Nick Coffield with pick No. 8 in Friday night’s NAB AFL Draft in Sydney. After swooping on Dandenong Stingrays midfielder Hunter Clark at pick No. 7, the Saints used their second top 10 pick on the highly rated half-back, who is set to play as a...
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