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  1. archereleven

    Toast Rejoice My Brothers(and Sisters)

    We are going to be a very, very, good team very, very soon imo I love how this team looks, i love our playing style and dare i say it, im loving the coaching from Brad this season after being very negative for a couple of seasons. Its not a rebuild, it is a reset. We have seen evidence of...
  2. archereleven

    Competitions LINDSAY THOMAS goal kicking competition 2016

    Just following on from the marklovesbeer thread. LT seems to be a little bit maligned on the boards atm, whats every bodies expectations this season? 43.31
  3. archereleven

    All Time VFL/AFL Coloured Team

    FB: Darryl White - Michael Green - Campbell Brown HB: Russel Greene - Matthew Scarlett - Matthew White C: Gavin Brown - Simon Black(VC) - Heath Black HF: Nathan Brown - Jonathan Brown(C) - Leigh Brown FF: Brad Green - Jack Green - Lindsay White FOL: Jeff White - Fraser Brown - Robbie Gray INT...
  4. archereleven

    Roast Brisbane game is why you dont gift games to players

    Brad Scotts 'philosophy' is coming home to roost now. We have a bunch of lazy ******* pea hearts running around, knowing they wont be dropped for poor performances. When will the penny drop for NMFC? Bon can fu** off as far as im concerned along with all the soft pricks he has gift wrapped...
  5. archereleven

    Roast Umpiring

    I really disgusted with the umpiring so far in the Pies v Crows Its official to me, players no longer have to dispose of the ball correctly at all and i fu**in hate it!!! A game full of great tackling and all unrewarded. smh
  6. archereleven

    Avg. games/age of best 30 players on list

    What is it? Anyone know? Ive heard 3rd youngest in AFL, but im not sure about that. Best 30 is subjective so results may vary a little Thanks
  7. archereleven

    List Mgmt. Avg. age and games from best 30 players at the club

    Best 30 is subjective, but does anyone know/have the figures at hand? I got asked this question by a bulldogs supporter today as he stated they were the 3rd youngest list in the AFL.
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