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  1. The Stid

    List Mgmt. Welcome to the West, Nic Reid and Jamaine Jones

    Congratulations and welcome to Nic Reid and Jamaine Jones. Both of these lads have brilliant stories, Nic coming from the ammos to being listed as a WAFL Eagles top up player and has now made his way onto the rookie list. And Jamaine’s story has been covered but a tough up bringing and then axed...
  2. The Stid

    2019 Eagles GIFs Thread

    whatis slippin’ this year. So I thought I’d start a thread for some arrogant GIF’s.
  3. The Stid

    Roast Liam Ryan racially abused on Instagram

    Once again we have these absolute campaigners thinking it’s perfectly fine for them to racially abuse someone online. Liam screen shot these comments made by a couple of lads on the 7AFL page on the post about his report. This needs to end.
  4. The Stid

    List Mgmt. Sheppard signs on for 3 more years

    Excellent news before the start of the 2019 season. Shep has re-signed for another 3 years. Let’s hope the lads can get him one of those medals around his neck Classy West Coast Eagles...
  5. The Stid

    List Mgmt. Bunga and JK Re-Sign

    Not sure if a thread is needed but they’re both legends of the club. Let’s hope Bunga can keep pushing toward the 300 club.
  6. The Stid

    Club Statement: Liam Ryan

    The West Coast Eagles are aware of an incident involving small forward Liam Ryan overnight. The club is ascertaining details of the incident which also involved a minor traffic accident which was attended by police. When the club has established the facts surrounding this matter it will...
  7. The Stid

    TV Mayans MC - SOA Spin-off

    Originally I was going to post this in the upcoming TV shows thread but I feel like this one probably needs it’s own thread because it could generate a bit of discussion seeing as though Sons Of Anarchy was such a big hit. At the moment the only idea of a release date is “Fall” which fits in...
  8. The Stid

    Beauty & Style Fragrances - Colognes & Perfumes

    I’m a self confessed “fraghead” (I believe is the term) so I decided to start a thread as I can’t seem to find one around here and there seems to be quite a lot of people out there who are really into their fragrances. So there’s a quick set of questions if you want to answer but also set this...
  9. The Stid

    What was the last new release you just listened to?

    Simple question, more a way for people to find new music and perhaps find out about bands/ Artists latest releases that they may not have known about. For me, Backtrack - Bad To My World. Genre: Hardcore
  10. The Stid

    Prediction Jumper numbers for 2016

    Now that the Free Agency and Trade period is well under way and we already have 2 players going, another 2 requesting trades and 2 players arriving at the club thought we should get this prediction thread going. Who will swap numbers? What numbers will the new guys get? Available numbers at...
  11. The Stid

    WELCOME HOME - Sunday Oct 4TH

    Despite the disappointing result of today's game I really hope all West Coast members and supporters still remainng in WA make an effort to show up to welcome the boys home tomorrow to thank and congradulate them on an amazing season I'm sure many of us weren't expecting after the injuries...
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