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  1. Swan4Life

    Autopsy Swans Vs Geelong Rnd 18

    I would not be using that game as a benchmark, totally different set of circumstances.
  2. Swan4Life

    Teams Buffalo Bills - The Stampede

    A poor performance all around for sure. But nowhere near as poor as the NFL's corrupt performance in giving teams who broke protocols an extra week and a half to prepare for their next game whilst leaving the Bills in limbo for a similar period of time. We were never a chance IMO.
  3. Swan4Life

    News Swans Talk in the Media 2020

    Andrew Pridham article in the Oz, calling for a "long overdue review of AFL operations". It is behind a paywall so not sure of the details but generally speaking I wholeheartedly agree with Andrew. As an addendum to any review, my first questions would be to Gil the dill: 1. Why did the Swans...
  4. Swan4Life

    Teams Buffalo Bills - The Stampede

    Well, the game is on now so its a moot point. If we maintain our offensive efficiency and show a bit of improvement on defence then i think we have a good shot at winning both.
  5. Swan4Life

    Mega Thread The Daniher Debacle

    With 2.4 million tied up in Buddy until 2022, this would have been a bad move on our part. We have dodged a bullet here IMO. Either way, as long as Essendon get screwed - everyone wins!
  6. Swan4Life

    No Oppo Supporters 2020 General AFL Discussion

    What a rabble Essendon are. Makes you appreciate the way our club is run.
  7. Swan4Life

    Teams Buffalo Bills - The Stampede

    Might not be the worst thing to postpone the Titans game and have a 10 day break before taking on the Chiefs.
  8. Swan4Life

    Will the Swans get a KPF or not (with poll)

    I dunno....I get that he looks like an unco baby giraffe at times but its hard to ignore his prelim performance 2 years ago. In any case my interest in him would be primarily as a ruckman if we cannot get someone better. Reckon our Cox could improve Cox.
  9. Swan4Life

    Club History Best full back of the AFL era?

    Fevola, Brown, Riewoldt, Pavlich, Richo and a few other guns I cant think of at the moment all have one thing in common - they were all stuffed into Craig Boltons back pocket on a regular basis! Criminally underrated by his own fans it would seem. He could nullify smalls and talls in equal...
  10. Swan4Life

    Universal Love RIP Dean Jones

    Not my favourite player of that era by any means. As I recall he often went to water against the Windies quicks, but overall was a solid contributor nonetheless. Will never forget the game where he was 99 not out in the 50th over, and proceeded to score six dot balls!
  11. Swan4Life

    Autopsy Swans Vs Geelong Rnd 18

    Great effort again, our kids play with a tonne of heart. Rowbum, McInerney, McCartin, Dawson, Blakey, Hayward, Florent, Stephens all contributed. Mills has been superb alll season, and Melican has gotten his confidence back. I think we have gained two legitimate best 22 players in Fox and...
  12. Swan4Life

    No Oppo Supporters 2020 General AFL Discussion

    It will enable us to collect a better draft haul so that we can strengthen our list. Not sure why you wouldn't prefer to fist-pump Hawthorn next season - when it matters.
  13. Swan4Life

    No Oppo Supporters 2020 General AFL Discussion

    So who do we want to win out of Hawthorn and Gold Coast? I say Hawthorn - if they win by enough and we (likely) lose to Geelong then we snatch the no.3 draft pick.
  14. Swan4Life

    No Oppo Supporters #37 Elijah Taylor - Pick 36 - Onwards to 2021

    Whilst these sort of allegations are obviously not good, assuming they are true and the club does choose to stand by him, it is better for it to happen now to minimise the likelihood that it will drag on into the start of the next season.
  15. Swan4Life

    Autopsy Round 17 Swans Vs Brisbane

    Very proud of the effort tonight, you couldn't ask for more. Just one more big effort against the cats and then - its all about nailing that 4th draft pick.
  16. Swan4Life

    Teams Buffalo Bills - The Stampede

    Cannot recall being this relaxed about an opening game. Jets are decidedly weaker than they were 12 months ago and we have replaced Phillips and Lawson with Butler, Addison and Jefferson, whilst adding Diggs. A win is an absolute must.
  17. Swan4Life

    Game Day Bloods v Blues - Rd 16, 2020

    You can stick this game up your clacker. Better yet, stick it up Gil's and the umpiring departments clacker.
  18. Swan4Life

    Game Day Bloods v Blues - Rd 16, 2020

    My God the umpires are bad tonight, riding the Blues like they are the last leg of a multi.
  19. Swan4Life

    Autopsy Round 14, 2020: Port Adelaide 11.7.73 def Sydney 7.5.47

    A respectable effort, all things considered. Our intensity in the first qtr was well down on theirs, but I thought we just about matched them after that. Any chance we had went out the window at the start of the 2nd when both of Dixons goals came off the back of two umpiring howlers. I thought...
  20. Swan4Life

    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals

    Wow....I had never looked at Reid in those terms. That's a bit like tossing up between a sh*t sandwich and a sh*t salad when you think about it.
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