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  1. Wayne Swan

    Training 2020 Preseason

    Ok all you Sydneysiders, we need reports from training which starts Monday I believe.
  2. Wayne Swan

    Ground sizes - the real facts

    So much crap pours out of commentators mouths not the least is "the smaller SCG". Well I found the real ground sizes on the AFL website. Lays to rest so many myths, SCG is almost identical to the Gabba and Metricon. MCG is only 3 metres longer than SCG from the centre to the goal line, that's...
  3. Wayne Swan

    GWS - be very scared II

    Well GWS have thrashed us again, they made us look like witches hats for a large part of the game. It made me remember a post from a year ago after they thrashed Hawthorn. At that time a lot of posters were dismissive of the suggestion that GWS were to be feared as a juggernaught of the AFL's...
  4. Wayne Swan

    2017 & beyond Salary Cap

    Under three weeks to the start of the trade period but still no word on the Salary Cap going forward. How can clubs plan (like Swans upping their offer to Tom Mitchell) if there's no cap yet set for future years. This is getting very 11th hour'ish.
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