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  1. Cruyff14

    The Eagles

    Surprised there is no thread on these gys. Gee whiz, what a band. A plethora of hits, one of the greatest voices of all time in Don Henley (that falsetto!), their melodies are exceptional. Brilliant guitar work (especially once Joe Walsh joined), but Felder was no chump either and without him...
  2. Cruyff14

    Your club's transfer window rating

    I think we did relatively well. Gabriel - Much needed signing at centre half, already looks pretty stable and assured and adding a lot of certainty to a shaky defence. Runnarsson - Bit of an unknown entity, but if his stats in Ligue 1 are anything to go by, he may not be playing too much. He...
  3. Cruyff14

    Your club's best XI from the last decade

    Pretty straight forward Leno Sagna Per Koscielny Monreal Flamini Cazorla Ramsey RvP Auba Sanchez Cech Laca Nasri Bellerin Arteta Song Vermaelen Not the greatest of teams, but pretty good I think. Look forward to see what United, City and Chelsea come up with. Over to you lads!
  4. Cruyff14

    Footballers of yesteryear

    Being a big fan of older players, I thought this could be a place where we talk about players who no longer play. Despite his antics against Turkey in 02, I have always been a huge Rivaldo fan. The guy was elite. His hat-trick against Valencia on the last day of the season to send Barca into...
  5. Cruyff14

    Big Footy 2020 Mid Year Awards

    Given that this board has been a little toxic of late, I thought we'd do the mid year awards - but make them only positive ones given that there have been too many arguments. If a mod could pin this and we will leave voting open until next Friday, we can go from there Best Poster: Favourite...
  6. Cruyff14

    The Music Thread

    Given how fast the off topic thread moves these days, it's easy for things to be missed and buried. I thought it would be a nice idea to have a dedicated music thread as so many of us like music and we could post things we like in here. I've always loved seeing inside a musician's mind when...
  7. Cruyff14

    Social Science What do you love about yourself?

    Pretty straightforward. I love my passion and I love that I am comfortable with who I am. What do you love about yourself?
  8. Cruyff14

    The Loudest Voice

    Anybody caught this? Stars Russell Crowe, Simon McBurnie, Seth McFarlane and Sienna Miller. It's about the creation of Fox News. Absolutely brilliant.
  9. Cruyff14

    The food rating thread

    Pretty simple. Name a food, it's either underrated, overrated or appropriately rated. I'll start. Meatballs. Severely underrated IMO. Absolutely ******* great. Pasta, meatballs, with melted cheese, bloody heaven. Very simple to cook too.
  10. Cruyff14

    Your death row meal

    Well, what would it be? I'd narrow it down to either being eggs, pizza, or pasta. I'd probably lean to some form of pasta with bolognese over the others though. And no choosing multiple meals, just one meal.
  11. Cruyff14

    The Stranger

    Anybody else watched this on Netflix? The mrs and I smashed it out all of yesterday, brilliant show. One of the best I've seen in a while, completely unpredictable too IMO. Well worth the watch, 10/10.
  12. Cruyff14

    Don't F*** With Cats

    Holy sh*t, this is amazing. Watch it. Now.
  13. Cruyff14

    Big Footy Book Club

    Pretty avid reader myself, have amassed a decent collection over the past few years. Was a massive reader as a kid and then when it became a chore in high school I went right off it until about four years ago. Makes the time pass on the train so quickly. Really big on true crime and...
  14. Cruyff14

    Social Science Your worst qualities

    Well, what are they? I can be pretty selfish and stubborn at times. If I don't want to do something I simply will not do it. I stew on things I probably shouldn't and let it bother me far more than it should. I tend to interrupt people too.
  15. Cruyff14

    Society & Culture Good deeds

    Have you performed any recently? Or witnessed any? I saw a guy give a homeless guy a bag full of groceries, thought that was pretty nice. I gave a guy on the train my bookmark as I could see he was bending the pages in his book.
  16. Cruyff14

    Society & Culture The Homeless Epidemic

    Working in the CBD, I see a lot of homeless people. But it seems to be more prevalent than ever before. Flagstaff Station exit on William Street has about five regulars that are there every morning. As soon you hit the top of the escalator you're greeted with a stench of the unwashed. It will...
  17. Cruyff14

    PES 2020

    Looks really good, an improved ML is definitely a big plus.
  18. Cruyff14


    Anybody else seen it? I thought it was fantastic. Edgerton did a brilliant job. Film was very well done. Absolutely littered with a lot of his hits too, and the costumes were spot on.
  19. Cruyff14

    Multiplat FIFA 20

    EA have leaked their first trailer for FIFA 20. A FIFA Street mode is going to be the new addition. Career mode neglected again, but it's hardly a surprise.
  20. Cruyff14

    EPL Best XI's

    If there is a thread on this already forgive me, but I thought it might be interesting to have a look at team's best XI's that could be assembled that player's have represented them in the EPL. Seaman Dixon Campbell Adams Cole Cesc Vieira Pires----------------Sanchez Bergkamp-------...