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  1. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Big Levi

    Surprised there was no thread on him already?
  2. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    The Credit Given to Essendon for Self-Reporting

    James Hird accused Andrew Demetriou of tipping off Essendon regarding the ASADA/ACC investigation. Tonight we have heard Demetriou stress numerous times that Essendon should be given credit for self-reporting. I don't know about you, but I can't see Hird making that allegation up in a legal...
  3. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Cars & Transportation Disconnecting My Car Battery

    I've recently acquired a company car which means my old car will be sitting in the garage for the next 6 months. My father (who lives in another state) has suggested I disconnect the car battery in the mean time so it doesn't go flat. I had previously done this to my sister's new car with...
  4. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Home & Garden Recommended Places to Live in Melbourne

    Hey guys, I'm moving to Melbourne next year because of work and am wondering what are some good areas you'd recommend to live for a 23 year old male. I'll be on your typical graduate salary (50-60k p.a.) and my work is in the Docklands so obviously I'd want something relatively close to work if...
  5. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Cars & Transportation Why does sound only come out of 1 speaker when I plug my iPod into my car through an aux connection?

    Guys I was given an iPod the other day and I'm trying to get it plugged into my car. My car has an aux connection/hole so I bought one of the aux cables. The problem is, when I plug it into the iPod, sound only comes out of one speaker. This doesn't happen when I listen to CD's or radio or...
  6. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Hypothetical - Starting 22 if We Draft Maguire and he Successfully Holds down CHB All Year

    It's pre-season, and things are a bit boring, so I've been doing some thinking and was wondering what your opinions are. Lets say HYPOTHETICALLY we draft Maguire in the PSD, he's a success, and holds down CHB all year. My question is, what does that do to our starting 22? More specifically...
  7. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Alex Silvagni Training at Freo?

    Is this the Silvagni kid we've been following a bit on this forum? I thought he was 16 or 17 or something? If it isn't that one, who is he? Is he any good, how is he related to SOS, can we father/son him?
  8. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Carlton Shop Sale

    Hey guys, was just looking at the Carlton Shop sale and noticed some cheap replica guernseys. I was just wondering what's the difference between a replica guernsey and an authentic one?
  9. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Toast Has There Been A Better Season From a Young Ruckman?

    Guys im 20 but due to living overseas and out of Melbourne for the majority of my life, I didn't become a true AFL fanatic until a few years ago. Because of that, I don't know much about player and team performances in the last 2 decades. Sure I know the stats, and who was supposedly good etc...
  10. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Essendon Merchandise

    Hey guys, my dad is an Essendon supporter so I was hoping to get him a Paddy Ryder jersey for fathers day. Living in Sydney I was hoping to get it mailed up through the club in order to ensure the money goes straight to the club. When I jumped on your website though I couldn't find any link to...
  11. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Footage of Freo Players Singing the Song?

    It occurred to me half an hour ago when I was sitting back laughing at how pathetic Essendon are that I can't remember seeing actual footage of Fremantle players singing their song. I've heard the crowd sing it afterwards, but not seen the players singing it. I was therefore wondering if anybody...
  12. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Toast Surely That's It? Surely We're In The Finals Now?

    With Essendon surprisingly losing, we are 2 games clear of 9th, plus percentage. We still play Melbourne (assuming it's a guaranteed win), meaning we are 3 games clear and percentage. That means Hawthorn and/or Essendon have to win every single game (4 games) to pass us, assuming we keep our...
  13. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    How Will You Remember Barry Hall?

    Barry Hall did A LOT of good work for the Sydney Swans. He was the face for the Swans for a long, long time, and provided a character that the fragile Sydney market could cling to for excitement. Without him there really is no face of the Swans anymore. Kirk is a champion, but I believe only...
  14. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Interstate Training Sessions

    Hey guys, I have a question about any interstate supporters or any people who have gone to interstate training sessions in the week the Blues travel. After driving down to see our abysmal effort against the Bombers this week, being on a uni break I thought I might pop down to our final training...
  15. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    No Night Grand Final, Say Coaches Don't think I saw this anywhere. Only 1 coach has voted for a night grand final, whilst 3 others voted for a twilight one. Good to hear IMO. Day grand final all the way. There's just something special about it. The...
  16. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Daniel Kerr

    Is he in your team? He is one player BigFooty hype managed to suck me in to, but then a post from a West Coast supporter reignited fears I have. I personally don't think he is good enough to handle the number 1 tag, and as a result he won't be able to get his high scores from a couple of years...
  17. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Get Ready for More Hawthorn Bandwagon Supporters

    Get ready for Bay 13 to be swamped by even more pathetic Hawthorn supporters - of their 30000 members so far, a massive 22% of them are new. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon. Exciting times ahead BigFooty users, more uneducated bandwagoners who know nothing about football whose only response...
  18. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Catania Caught With Their Shorts Down,21985,24668355-2883,00.html Pretty funny "tactic" People thin it's in the spirit of the game? I don't have an issue with it
  19. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    Collingwood's Membership Campaign - HILARIOUS I couldn't stop laughing. Absolute gold :D Check out the reaction on the Collingwood board :thumbsu::p
  20. Will.B.Worth.Da.Waite

    News Confirmed: Joseph and Ellard Retained as 2nd Year Rookies Link confirms that neither of Joseph or Ellard has been delisted. Both have been kept on as 2nd year rookies. I guess that means Hill, Jacobs and any others are all gone. Also confirmation in the article that...