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  1. Boxx


    SO - just looking what is required for us to sneak into the final 8... First and foremost - Port need to win the next 2 games OBVIOUSLY!!! Second - Crows need to lose all 3 games!!! Third - Geelong need to lose the next 2 AND bet the Cows in the last round!!! Ok, I cant see the crows losing to...
  2. Boxx

    Tommy Clurey v Nick Riewoldt

    I really hope that Kenny gives Tom the massive job of running with and beating Nick Reiwoldt ALL game - even if he is getting beaten!! The experience that he will get running with a super star will be invaluable! I actually think tommy will not only stay with Roo, but beat him... If he does...
  3. Boxx

    Hayden Ballantyne broken jaw??

    Sorry to start a thread on your board... I just heard on Footy Classified that Hayden Ballantyne may have a broken jaw?! Does anyone have any news on this? Did it happen in the last qtr against Port with the collision between him and Impey, or has something else occurred post match??
  4. Boxx

    Members Heritage Guernsey...

    Mine and my old mans arrived today!!!! I think they look awesome, the teal panel at the top of the front is the same as the original design rather than being smaller (like the initial picture that Kane was wearing when we signed up)!!! I couldnt be happier - my name is on the front at least...
  5. Boxx

    Not Giving In and Never Tear Us Apart (songs)

    I posted a reference to this in another thread... But, for me when this song came through the speakers as the players were in the Geof Motley race waiting to run out onto the ground AND the crowd all clapped and stamped their feet in time with the beat was nothing short of spine tingling!!! I...