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  1. Apex36

    Traded Peter Wright [Traded to Essendon for 2021 R4 pick]

    Hasn’t played a game this year and rumoured to be looking to come back to Victoria. Several clubs reportedly interested. What’s he worth?
  2. Apex36

    Traded Tom Phillips [traded to Hawthorn for pick #65]

    Talk in the media recently that Phillips might consider a trade this year after being pushed out of his preferred wing position to a HFF by the emergence of Daicos. Averaged 24 disposals over 2018/19 on a wing and can push forward and kick a goal too. Elite endurance, runs both ways, but suspect...
  3. Apex36

    Oppo Camp Tom Boyd retires

    Just reported on MMM that Boyd has retired at 23, citing mental health and the pressures of the game becoming too much. Big lesson here to clubs about throwing stupid contracts at kids. There were plenty who said that the pressure of expectation that comes with such a contract would get to him...
  4. Apex36

    Prediction Changes for the Dogs - Reid, Daicos & Greenwood in for Wells, Fasolo & Murray

    Out: Fasolo (inj) Cox, Adams In: McLarty, Sier, Daicos
  5. Apex36

    Toast Maynard signs for 2 more years

    Bruzzy has extended his contract until the end of 2020, a year before his current deal expires. Much love for the young bull!
  6. Apex36

    Future 2nd for a future 3rd merry-go-round

    The joke. Your head.
  7. Apex36

    Toast Congrats Sidey

    On your first Copeland trophy! Another thing to add to your list of achievements :D
  8. Apex36

    Contracted Mason Cox [re-signed]

    Mason is currently out of contract and despite Collingwood offering him a 2 year extension a couple of months ago, is still yet to sign. According to various reports, he wants more senior opportunity and is unconvinced he'll get it with Grundy ahead of him in the ruck pecking order. Had...
  9. Apex36

    Gold Coast advice

    So after a good 4.5 years of our son having chronic croup and essentially having to put our lives on hold over the winter months every year, we've decided to take our doctor's advice and move to a warmer climate to try and improve his overall health. We're in a fortunate position now by making...
  10. Apex36

    Injury Geoff Walsh's injury update, now brought to you by Blackmores. A good update here from Walsh, with really only a handful of players doing rehab, and most tracking well for comebacks soon. Discuss.
  11. Apex36

    Competitions Cats versus dogs [thread is NOT about Geelong V Western Bulldogs] with poll added

    [***Mod edit - posts moved across from the pre-season thread***] Cuddling puppies is man's best kept secret.
  12. Apex36

    Injury Jack Anthony injured in NEAFL game (now cleared of serious)

    No specific details yet, but Jack has suffered a serious neck injury playing in the NEAFL today, with the match being called off at 3 qtr time. Here's hoping there's no...
  13. Apex36

    Oppo Camp Non-pies games, round 7

    Saw this on the main board, and although it's not a 'game' per-se, thought it would be a good way to start this thread early this week. Oh Richmond... Never stop being Richmond. :drunk:
  14. Apex36

    Toast Congrats Maxy!

    Another potential father/son is born :D Welcome to the world Raff!
  15. Apex36

    Injury Blackmores injury update brought to you by Blackmores

    First one for the year! Enjoy:
  16. Apex36

    Player Watch Darrean Wyatt

    For all the talk about Cox and whether he will make the grade, we seem to have forgotten about our other former college basketball player cat B rookie, our home grown giant, Darrean Wyatt. Has anyone noticed him or payed attention to him at any training sessions? He should stand out given he's...
  17. Apex36

    Toast Merry Xmas from Collingwood

    The 2015 Xmas video has arrived! It's fairly terrible, as usual, so I wasn't sure whether to do a toast or roast prefix, however there were a couple of bits that made me chuckle, so toast it is! Personal highlights for me were Marshy's gift to Crispy, and Balmes injury...
  18. Apex36

    Universal Love Derek Hine and Neil Balme

    Massive kudos to these two for delivering possibly the biggest trade period in club history. Treloar alone was massive, Howe was a solid addition, but add Aish and you have an incredible trade period, worthy of a big fat bonus for both of them! Treloar and Aish in particular, are great value in...
  19. Apex36

    The newest pies fan

    My daughter. Born today just before 2pm. Mum and bubs healthy, Dad is once again traumatised. Childbirth is the most beautiful, yet disgusting thing I'll ever witness :D
  20. Apex36

    Injury Injury update thread

    Surprised nobody has said much about this yet, as there is plenty to like! The good: Levi Greenwood is back baby! Will play in the VFL this week to build up match fitness in preparation to return to the seniors. If nothing else, he is a massive in for our VFL side, who are playing Casey this...