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    Training Training Thread - News & Live Reports II

    This is what lets Cricket Australia down.
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    Player Watch #15: Atu Bosenavulagi - Pies trade Stevo, Atu, R2(39) for R2(26),R2(33) & R4(70)- Welcome to North Melbourne R2

    He looks leaner and smaller in height than what I thought. Does he just play forward pocket or can he play high half forward too?
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    Free signed 2020 North Jumper entire team.

    Donation to the Huddle?
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    Analysis 2021 trade and list management thread 1

    If you can’t kick goals you don’t win.
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    Opinion Cricket thread

    What I mean is he’s the AFLW coach in footy season, which is why he’s wearing an Eagles jumper. He was not in an Eagles jumper at the cricket.
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    Opinion Cricket thread

    he wasn’t just in footy season
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    Analysis 2021 trade and list management thread 1

    Here’s a thought how about 2 gun forwards?
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    Opinion Cricket thread

    I had a chat at the Scorchers v Sixes game with Drew Petrie, and I did say that it's hard to look at him with Eagle colours on, but he said he's a Roo for life ❤️
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    Analysis 2021 trade and list management thread 1

    Taz was pick 15 I think and McKay 17. To get a gun tall forward with pick 2 would set us up.
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    News Rhyce Shaw news in The Age tonight.

    Anybody who has been through a difficult mental health issue I have empathy for, BUT to put yourself in an AFL cut throat system again is ridiculous at such a short space of time. I just don't like it. What happens if the GC Suns fail to make the finals within the next 2 years? With the amount...
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    Analysis 2021 trade and list management thread 1

    Happy to have Phillips, but because we didn't take Logan McDonald we are putting everything on Comden.
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    Opinion Cricket thread

    Congrats on your win V Pakistan, but how the fu*k did the Kiwis become the Number 1 test team in the world?:think:
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    Opinion Cricket thread

    Head and Burns out Warner and Harris in. Wade to bat at 5.
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    Prediction Round 1 2021 best 22 team

    Atley is not ahead of Dumont. Turner will get his chance early if fit and so will Hall. If Atley, Turner and Hall aren't up to it they will play a lot of VFL. Dumont is in the best top 10 players in our side right now. If a player stops Dumont from playing in the seniors next year we will play...
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    Restricted Free Agent Josh Kelly [RFA 2021, option to significantly extend current deal]

    I guess we will all find out in 2021/22.
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    Player Watch The 2021 BF NMFC whipping boy market

    This is easy......Turner
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    Player Watch #35: Charlie Lazzaro - selected with #36 in 2020 National Draft - welcome to North Melbourne

    and a beautiful kick of the footy, great kick for goal.
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    Player Watch #10: Ben Cunnington -

    F*ck you Josh Kelly.