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  1. 2006_Eagles

    Position 2021 Fantasy Rucks

    ROB had a stinker of a practice match and Grundy sounds back to his best Grundy R1 for mine now unless ROB burns it down in the practices games
  2. 2006_Eagles

    Position 2021 Fantasy Forwards

    Fantasy Freako was trying to talk him up on the Traders Podcast I had to get up out of my seat and leave. Lost a lot of respect for Doctor Dream Team with that advice And he was talking like the teams being released a day before the game was a brand new thing. Breh, we had to deal with it all...
  3. 2006_Eagles

    Position 2021 Fantasy Forwards

    Hind v Daniher?
  4. 2006_Eagles

    Position 2021 Fantasy Rookies

    Yeah he's long gone for me
  5. 2006_Eagles

    Position 2021 Fantasy Rookies

  6. 2006_Eagles

    Position 2021 Fantasy Midfielders

    My point still stands
  7. 2006_Eagles

    Position 2021 Fantasy Midfielders

    Why was a stranger (or anyone) creepily filming that little girl at the the sportsball match :huh:
  8. 2006_Eagles

    TV Which TV shows are you watching now.

    Horrible Histories has to be one of the greatest kids shows for adults ever created :roflv1:
  9. 2006_Eagles

    News Fantasy Injuries & Suspensions 2021

    Too much doubt over how much mid time Rozee will have and injury worries for me to pick him. I'm rathter bullish on Butters, doe
  10. 2006_Eagles

    Preview 2021 Best 22 Discussion

    What is this new rule?
  11. 2006_Eagles

    Position 2021 Fantasy Rookies

    Treacy and Flynn R2 and R3? :think:
  12. 2006_Eagles

    Discussion Intraclub and preseason match discussion

    Solid, but not enough to pick?
  13. 2006_Eagles

    Discussion Official 2021 Fantasy Planning Thread

    Apparently Daniel was so good in the quarterback role that they were even raving about him on the Hawks board :think:
  14. 2006_Eagles

    Discussion Official 2021 Fantasy Planning Thread

    315k in RDT
  15. 2006_Eagles

    Teams 2021 AFL Fantasy Teams - Preseason

    I'd take that sweet sweet Dunks cash and spend it somewhere else
  16. 2006_Eagles

    Discussion Official 2021 Fantasy Planning Thread

    It's hard to imagine Phillips being described as built lol
  17. 2006_Eagles

    Discussion Official 2021 Fantasy Planning Thread

    Might change when Titch returns doe ?
  18. 2006_Eagles

    Discussion Official 2021 Fantasy Planning Thread

    Also Gimpey is a lock, especially at his price in Real DT
  19. 2006_Eagles

    Game Day Hawks v Dogs Practice Match, Wednesday 24th Feb 10.30am

    Is he getting much of the ball?