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  1. Adzam

    MMA-UFC UFC 242

    UFC 242: Khabib vs Poirier Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Lightweight champion khabib Nurmagomedov returns from suspension to the octagon for the first time since October last year to face interm champion Dustin Poirier. Khabib will be looking to continue his undefeated mma record whilst...
  2. Adzam

    Toast Nic Naitanui- The human highlight reel

    I thought it may be fitting to start a thread of my favourite Nic Nat highlights. Here are three of what I consider his finest moments. Please vote and feel free to add your own. Round 8, 2013 VS North Melbourne Round 21, 2016 VS GWS Round 13, 2009 VS Hawthorn (3 goals in ten minutes)
  3. Adzam

    What is your favourite monopoly piece

    Im a car man myself. Even though I really liked that dog I always felt like I needed to choose the car
  4. Adzam

    Point Break

    What does everyone think? I am a huge fan of the original. Its just such a watchable movie with so many memorable scenes. This kind of disappoints me. Does not look anything like Point Break but maybe thats a good thing. Part of me still wants to check it out
  5. Adzam

    How does UFC work?

    Ive been interested in following this for a little while now but have no idea where to start and how the whole sport and company actually works. Can someone help me with the following Ive watched wrestling on and off since I was young. Is UFC similar with having like a weekly show with matches...
  6. Adzam

    What is a campaigner?

    Lots of people use it here on Bigfooty. I get that it's an insult but I don't understand it. Can someone please clarify?
  7. Adzam

    Food, Drink & Dining Out What are some of the strangest things you have eaten?

    Not sure if this one has been done before. What kind of strange/exotic/crazy things have you eaten? In Japan I went to a restaurant and ordered some chicken dish that came out in all separate parts. firstly came out little slices of what I thought was sashimi with a little bowl of soy sauce...
  8. Adzam

    De-listed players

    Who can you see getting another shot at the big time? - Jacob Brennan (28 games) plays with a lot of heart and passion but just not good enough sadly. I remember reading a few weeks ago on the afl website that Melbourne may pick him up. - Adam Carter (7 games) only lasted a couple of years at...
  9. Adzam

    Open university adds

    Has anyone seen these creepy ass adds? They have these weird dwarf doll like cartoon people. Can't understand why they are in it and they are really disturbing me
  10. Adzam

    What are the one percenters?

    I hear them talk about this on football shows all the time but don't quite understand what is meant by when they talk about players who do 'the one percenters'
  11. Adzam

    Coaching without having played

    Has this ever happened? Could it ever happen? Say someone maybe involved in professional sport at a high level with really good credentials but never actually played senior afl level. I wonder how it would work out. Thoughts?
  12. Adzam

    Question for those who play

    Hey everyone. Im looking for a bit of advice. I have been getting into basketball the last few years or so. Never played before. I have not played a team sport since I was a young teen (football). Im 23 now and spent some time getting fit to try and get back into a sport. I am 77kg and 169cm...