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  1. BrissyCrow

    News Collingwood's Culture

    I am not trying to get into a debate about Collingwoods current development but I am interested to compare how Collingwood is being treated by the media versus how our club was haunted by the media. I don't see the usual commentators from Seven, Nine, Sen or Fox putting the boots into...
  2. BrissyCrow

    Prediction Who will we pick in the draft?

    Going through the threads about who we will select in the draft is almost impossible to keep tabs on. With so many differing predictions I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread where people can place their predictions. I will keep a summary to make things clearer/easier to all of us...
  3. BrissyCrow

    Opinion What is your opinion about the club not signing Luke Edwards

    There have been so many opinions about us not taking Luke as a F/S selection. They range from being disappointed to being relieved. Some have said its a great decision and glad to be free of the Edwards. As there are so many opinionated people in here what I am hoping to achieve in this post is...
  4. BrissyCrow

    Autopsy So how will this affect the AFL?

    So the AFL has delayed the season but the real possibility is that the season will be cancelled. Obviously money and survival becomes a priority for every club and not just the AFC. We been told to expect layoffs, players contracts may have to be renegotiated, clubs will have to cut back...
  5. BrissyCrow

    List Mgmt. Who is leaving

    There are so many rumours with players moving around this trade period and in particular the number of Crows players who have been mentioned. Its so confusing. So I thought that I would create a list of who is/or rumoured, to be leaving the club. I will update this list as the trade period...
  6. BrissyCrow

    News Scott Camporeale might apply for the Carlton Job

    So for many this might be good news. Will be interesting to see how many want to get rid of Scott and how many would like to keep him
  7. BrissyCrow

    Prediction Who will the club draft ?

    We currently have a few threads where everyone is discussing our draft needs. This year is a little more interesting given the number of South Aussie kids who rate very highly. Individuals have swapped and changed their minds especially given that we can swap/negotiate draft picks on the night...
  8. BrissyCrow

    MRP Gibbs gets off

    I found it interesting that Gibbs charge for hitting J Selwood was dismissed tonight. Does this raise a question mark over Selwood. I mean Selwood is usually an extremely strong/tough individual. So why did he go down in the manner that he did. Also, when Riley Knight left the field (at the same...
  9. BrissyCrow

    Competitions The 2018 Crowowowow Goal Kicking Competition

    In the past few years I have either missed ot tried to enter this competition late so this year I want to make sure that I dont miss out. Will this comp be running again this year. If so add me to the list of starters FOR SURE! Usually Drugs Are Bad Mackay? does this but we're in the...
  10. BrissyCrow

    Opinion Geelong's Decision re. Dangerfield.

    Over the years one thing that is common place on the AFC board is the speed we all show to condemn or criticise decisions that our club makes. The club is not aggressive enough when trading, the club got screwed, we should have challenged that decision. It goes on and on. Selection committee...
  11. BrissyCrow

    Leadership Team

    Was great to see that Eddie has been included into the leadership team. I am also really pleased to see that we now have a vice captain and the man who deserves it the most was slected. Well done Rory.
  12. BrissyCrow

    Prediction Who will we select?

    After all of the comments about What we need in the draft, will we pickup Ben Jarman, who will be our pick 13 and recently the talk has also moved onto pick 43. We are two days out from the draft and what I would like is for everyone to finally predict who we will pick. We have picks...
  13. BrissyCrow

    Henderson has Gone (to Hawthorn?)

    This was posted on the AFL site. I have always liked Henderson so I am a little disappointed that he is leaving. What could make me happy about this is what compo pick we get for him. Anyway I do wish him all the...
  14. BrissyCrow

    Universal Love Best of Luck Kerridge

    I just thought that we should give Kerridge a warm send off. I am a little sorry that we have lost him. I don't think we allowed him to develop fully. I believe that over the next couple of years (and maybe as soon as next year) we will look back and ask why we let him go. Thanks for your...
  15. BrissyCrow

    List Mgmt. Jack Redden

    Brisbane has come out and said that Jack Redden wants out of the club. Jack would be 25 in December. I don't know a lot about him but I do know that he is held in high regard at Brisbane. I do know that he is...
  16. BrissyCrow

    Analysis 2015 Free Agents

    With all the discussions focusing on whether Danger and Sloane will resign with the AFC or elect to test their worth by nominating to be a free agent I thought that given the AFL has today released a list of players that will be eligible Free Agency at the end of next year it might be worth...
  17. BrissyCrow

    Competitions Who will the club select at pick 14

    Everyone has an opinion about who we should pick or who we will pick with our first selection in the draft. Posters have suggested one player only to change their mind and others are still unsure about who to nominate as their preference. So far we have seen 100 pages of suggestions in the...