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  1. Mesc

    Things that are less dirty than Tom Lynch.

  2. Mesc

    New AC/DC 2020 !!!

    Just released a cryptic teaser overnight...
  3. Mesc

    Tip GF winner,margin and Norm Smith.

    Freo by 16 . Norm Smith - Michael Barlow.
  4. Mesc

    Oppo Camp NicNat ? it couldnt be could it? surely not....
  5. Mesc

    Any Brissy supporters got the gutz to start a " We get to play the purple poofs" thread ?

    Cmon ! hits the bullseye ! everyones a winner... Roll up , Roll up !!
  6. Mesc

    RIP Jeff Hanneman

    Passed away this morning from liver failure , aged 49 . Brought me thousands of hours of listening pleasure from my youth up to present day. Sad sad news. Rock on Slayer !!
  7. Mesc

    West Coast's fitness ?

    I think this was the difference tonight , West coast players were cramping up 5 minutes into the final term, Port stormed home and didnt show any sign of slowing down.
  8. Mesc

    Bye Bye West Coast...cya in 2014

    Dead and buried for 2013... toodles !!!
  9. Mesc

    Mark Neeld / Damian Drum... Are they the same person ?

    Hmmmm has Drum gone and put some "Rinse" through his hair and taken on another coaching role??? i reckon an investigation is needed....
  10. Mesc

    Its Crowley Eddie....not f*n Crawley ????

    WTF is this guys problem, A so called grade "A" commentator cant even get the pronunciation right of arguably the best tagger going around... He was corrected at some stage during the game but still continued to mispronounce Ryan's name. Get stuffed Eddie, your a joke....:thumbsdown:
  11. Mesc

    Which Richmond forward is the biggest sook , Richardson or Riewoldt ?

    Both are/were constantly crackin the sads with their team mates , always pointing the finger at others for the shitness that they presented... its a very close call but i reckon Riewoldt is for sure the bigger sooky sooky la la !......
  12. Mesc

    PC ArmA 3

    Alpha now available on Steam if anyone is interested, looks the goods. Alot more fluent than the previous 2.
  13. Mesc


    Well I may as well post it here, seeing as though it isnt really a game, but more of a guitar/bass tool. For all you guitarists out there, Pantera DLC was released last week, awsome pack, next week is the Foo fighters, looking good ! ac/dc next? dunno but its a solid rumour .. heres hoping...
  14. Mesc

    So it looks like the Swans are the 2012 premiers !!!

    Well done Sydney !!! :thumbsu: Well done !
  15. Mesc

    Josh Hill, WTF??

    He's like the kid at school that was always shitting his pants, an all of a sudden sneaks into the in crowd. The bloke is a Tosser !!! A seagull without wings floating on the slip stream.
  16. Mesc

    Hey Ross...they were'nt your headphones lol

    Had to laugh...He threw his phone...looked around, seen the headphones on his offsider, paused...then grabbed them and threw them too..
  17. Mesc

    I Tawt I Taw a Poidacat....

    Nope..... I was mistaken. :rolleyes:
  18. Mesc

    FOX AFL Replay time?

    Hey guys, just wondering what the FOX replay times are for the game?
  19. Mesc

    Shhh...Can anyone here a Norf supporter?? Nope..Carry on.

    Ahhh the silence is Sweeeeet. :thumbsu:
  20. Mesc

    Mark Neeld , How long has he got?

    Jeez, seems poor old Melbourne cant win a trick under Mark Neeld, Dean Bailey at least had a couple of wins ticking over. Whats the deal with Neelds contract? can they afford to recruit another coach as well as paying out the current?