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  1. spinynorman

    Society/Culture Streaming, Hollywood Studios and Modern Cinema

    I've been thinking of creating a thread on this topic for a little while after numerous news stories kept concerning me about the direction in which film is heading. I'm a great lover of film, who pre-Covid would attend the cinema two or three times a week, and who loves third quarter 20th...
  2. spinynorman

    Bolivian Election

    Delayed twice, the Bolivian election is being held today. Long term incumbent President Evo Morales won last year's election, which were found in an investigation by the Organization of American States to have found significant irregularities (this report itself was later found to be deeply...
  3. spinynorman

    2018 Brazilian Presidential Election

    The Brazilian democratic system has had a turbulent couple of years, with the impeachment of Dilma, the installation of Temer and the conviction of Lula. Their presidential election, with its first round of voting on Sunday, is causing a great deal of international attention (and I'm kind of...
  4. spinynorman

    Vale Aretha Franklin

    Aretha Franklin, one of the greatest voices ever recorded to music, has passed away at the age of 76. There is no doubt she is one of the giants, with multiple classics, and through her music an important figure in the civil rights and feminist movements. Rest in peace, Aretha. Respect, always.
  5. spinynorman

    Movie Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    For some reason not as loved as most of the other action franchises that are churning through installments, the Mission: Impossible movies haven't really had a backwards step since the second one. The latest is getting all sorts of hype, with some reviews declaring it one of the best action...
  6. spinynorman

    Unions need more power in Australia

    Because thread titles here need to make a contentious statement. An ongoing train dispute in Sydney has been relieved with the Fair Work Commission ordering the RTBU to cease its industrial actions, including a planned strike on Monday, and a current refusal to work overtime. While I think...
  7. spinynorman

    TV Riverdale

    I was begrudgingly intrigued by the premise. While I never got into The OC (or the multitude of shows similar to it) which Riverdale was getting compared to, the fact that it: a) was also being compared to Twin Peaks; and b) featured the characters from the Archie Comics sounded just batshit...
  8. spinynorman

    TV The OA

    Surprised there wasn't already a thread about this as I've seen a lot of articles online discussing the show as a water cooler point. Yet nobody I've spoken to has seen it. The premise is that a blind girl goes missing, only to return seven years later with her sight restored. Interesting...
  9. spinynorman

    NSW Government's Anti-Marijuana Campaign

    Look, this isn't particularly hard hitting, but given the great majority of people on this board are outside NSW you likely wouldn't have seen the State Government's "Stoner Sloth" commercials to dissuade people from using marijuana. I know these seem like a joke, but gloriously they are not.
  10. spinynorman

    Are we living in a cinematic golden age?
  11. spinynorman

    The Northern Territory Government Fiasco

    Continuing the bad run for the Coalition parties at the moment, the NT Government has pretty well fallen into chaos: After having been elected into government in 2012, the CLP rolled their leader while he was overseas in early 2013. Then last night at 1am, it was announced the current Chief...