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  1. J Shuttlesworth

    Fantasy Fleaflicker BigFooty Bowl 2020

    League is activated to go around again. Anyone wanting to drop out let us know now so we can ask around for a sub. Also now is the time to bring up anything else. From good ol' Trace at Fleaflicker; Good luck to those going around again, remember that you probably don't want to finish in...
  2. J Shuttlesworth

    Fantasy 2019 Fleaflicker Dynasty League Discussion

    The Big Footy Bowl 2019 was activated. Hands up if you are in for 2019. A11dAtP0w3R :heavycheck: fuey :heavycheck: manureid :heavycheck: shiny_on_top :heavycheck: Dixie Flatline :heavycheck: Broken :heavycheck: FootyPunk :heavycheck: bgt2110...
  3. J Shuttlesworth

    NFL 2017 - NFL Predictions Competition

    Helping GG.exe to get this underway again as I think it's a fun one to keep going. No prizes or cash involved, just pride, knowledge and the minerals to post what you really think. All welcome to participate. All submissions must be entered before 23:59pm Thursday, September 7. Entrants to...