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  1. Shade

    Expectations for 2021 Season

    Curious to get people's views on this now that we know what our list is looking like sans the draft. What is everyone's expectations for how we do next season?
  2. Shade

    AEW All Out (2020 Edition)

    Date and Time Sunday Sept 6th 10am AEST. FULL CARD: AEW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Jon Moxley (c) vs. MJF MIMOSA MAYHEM MATCH: Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy AEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Adam Page and Kenny Omega (c) vs. FTR AEW WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Hikaru Shida...
  3. Shade

    Roast Derek Hine

    How does this bloke not cop more criticism on here? hes been at the club for 16 years and and while granted we have won a flag in his tenure his past decade of list management has been absolute shizen at best lets look shall we. Trades / FA 2010: Andrew Krakouer, Chris Tarrant, John Cegar -...
  4. Shade

    AEW Revolution

    Surprised there wasn't a thread up for this yet Date: Saturday Feb 29 (Sunday March 1 for us) Time: 12 PM Noon AEST Card: AEW World Championship Chris Jericho (Champion) vs. Jon Moxley AEW World Tag Team Championship Kenny Omega and Hangman Page (Champions) vs. The Young Bucks AEW Women’s...
  5. Shade

    ROH Discussion Thread

    Thought it was a good time to start this considering what Marty has already done this week. After all the doom and gloom about ROH the past year or so could they finally be turning a corner with Marty in a power of position? Switchblade is a huge get for them.
  6. Shade

    STARDOM discussion thread

    Discuss any of the 4 factions. The Western Girls. If you have no idea about STARDOM think of it as NJPW but the female equivalent only women wrestle in this company and it features current AEW champ RIHO and roster members Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter.
  7. Shade

    BBL 07

    First game tonight im going with the Sixers who i think have a very strong bowling attack.
  8. Shade

    Universal Love Defense

    After all the crying about how this backline was a complete mess in pre season i dont think anyone could have seen this coming. Brown and Frost are in AA form right now. Marley, Landon and Toovey are probably the best set of small defenders in the AFL at the minute.
  9. Shade

    Toast Jarrod Witts

    well done big fella today coped a fair bit on this board saying he wasn't ready yet proved a lot tonight.
  10. Shade

    News Pies delist 5 - Wood, Ceglar, Ugle, Rounds, Buckley Ruckmen Cameron Wood and Jonathon Ceglar, small forwards Kirk Ugle and Luke Rounds and defender Simon Buckley have all been delisted. The departures mean that in all the club has made 13...
  11. Shade

    News Collingwood turns down Father-Son James Stewart.

    Jason Phelan ‏@AFL_JasonPhelan @Collingwood_FC has not made a father-son bid for tall forward James Stewart. He's now available to every club at the #AFLDraft. Hopefull another AFL club picks him up good luck James.
  12. Shade

    Bikini Basketball Association some new thing that's starting up has the potential to be a lot better than the WNBA here is a chick playing for the miami spice.
  13. Shade

    Martin or Pederson

    Who would you rather if we could get one? personally i would prefer Pederson just because he wouldn't have the trade value Martin would have .
  14. Shade

    Week 1 Other Finals - FT: WCE 162 v NM 66

    crows vs swans just about to start
  15. Shade

    Free Agency Thread We would be bonkers not to look at this guy 1st round pick a few years ago 196cm KPF
  16. Shade

    Toast Jolly!!!

    Best game i have ever seen the man play in years spanked McEvoy all around the ground. 21 touches easy as you like, congrats big fella
  17. Shade

    Opinion Upgrade Marley?

    Do you guys think he has done enough to warrant a spot on the senior list next year?
  18. Shade

    Official NBA Summer League thread

    Starts tomorrow fellas gonna try watch some on NBATV Monday, July 9, 2012 11:00 a.m. Brooklyn Orlando 1:00 p.m. Boston OKC 3:00 p.m. Utah Detroit 5:00 p.m. Indiana Philadelphia Kanter vs Drummond should be good viewing tomorrow
  19. Shade

    David Stern Appreciation thread

    What a man this guy is a world class troll. I think we should have a thread dedicated to the great man himself.