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  1. Football Tragic

    Review Who is Richmond's 2nd most important player? Poll.

    That was incredibly hard. Cotchin is the 2nd most important player (if not the most) due to his leadership particularly in the key moments of a game Lynch is the 2nd most important player due to his ability to give us a target up forward, generate a score himself or bring it to ground for...
  2. Football Tragic

    Game Day Praccy match vs Melbourne

    This new rule is going to favour the kick=mark teams. Melbourne is easily cutting through our team defense and moving it at will through the center.
  3. Football Tragic

    Game Day Praccy match vs Melbourne

    All of Saints best players are our left overs. No surprize there. Rather than worry about that these types have left, I think we should applaude how absolute f'en amazing our list is that these players couldn't even make the cut in our side and won't be missed. I wish them all the luck but...
  4. Football Tragic

    Strategy STAND rule

    Was it last year (or 2019?) when we played in the Season Opener and the umpires went ballistic with the new exclusion rule? It became a 50m penalty feast with the backlash from footy world ringing loud and clear. The very next night though, the umpires eased off and common sense prevailed. I'm...
  5. Football Tragic

    Opinion Team Selection: Best 22 for 2021

    B: Baker, Grimes, Broad HB: Vlastuin, Balta, Short C: Cotchin, Prestia, McIntosh HF: Castagna, Lynch, Bolton F: D.Rioli, Riewoldt, Edwards Foll: Nankervis, Martin, Lambert Inter: Soldo, Graham, Broad, Houli The bolded players are those that are aging and/or more susceptible to injury. I think...
  6. Football Tragic

    News Live Pass scrapped - Kayo now sole streaming option.

    Yep. I'm a tragic alright! :) At the moment, because I don't have access, I just watch Youtube replays or old radio broadcasts of my favourite games
  7. Football Tragic

    Training Preseason 2021

    Is it worth manning the mark? Could the opposition player start further back and move forward laterally once the ball carrier plays on? Would this be seen as impeding the protected area? As the new rule stands, the player on the mark is now a passive witches hat that has to watch the ball...
  8. Football Tragic

    News Live Pass scrapped - Kayo now sole streaming option.

    $25 a month to non telstra customers which makes $300 a year. No I don't go down to the pub often. Previously I've just gone to mates houses or watched with the family at home. Now, I'll head down to the pub and enjoy a meal and have a couple of beers while I watch. Might be a good opportunity...
  9. Football Tragic

    News Live Pass scrapped - Kayo now sole streaming option.

    I'm annoyed that I would need to pay $300 a year as apposed to roughly $99 a year to see the same content. We can't justify that with all the platforms we already have compiled over the Covid period. I guess I'll be spending more time down at the pub :drunk:
  10. Football Tragic

    Opinion Team Selection: Best 22 for 2021

    FB: Vlaustin. Grimes. Astbury. HB: Houli. Baker. HHB: Short C: Ross. Prestia. McIntosh. HHF: Lambert HF: Martin. Lynch. Bolton. FF: Rioli. Jack. Foll: Nank. Edwards. Cotchin. Int: Balta. Graham, Broad, George, Love to see - Stack, CCJ, Naish and Caddy find their way into the...
  11. Football Tragic

    Opinion Who is your club's best defender of the 21st century?

    I'm actually not sure. Rance was a superstar who got plenty of awards and accolades but Grimes and Vlaustin should be in the conversation too. Balta could actually prove to be the best of them all
  12. Football Tragic

    Which 2 can step up in 2016 to make us a genuine contender?

    Interesting read. I hoped that Lennon would step up too but lacked the ticker. Just proves the importance of bringing in players that have a never say die attitude. The biggest difference from 2016 to 2017 was the change of culture. So the two people who really made the greatest impact on...
  13. Football Tragic

    Sydney Stack in trouble again

    Give him a final chance, bring him back, make him live with one of our more respected player/club official, have him do extra training and fight for a spot in the team. If he can't do that - goodbye and goodluck Stackie!
  14. Football Tragic

    Sydney Stack in trouble again

    This speaks to his attitude and ability to follow rules. I don't give a rats a@se about covid breaches but I do care that he just doesn't seem to have any respect for those that continue to support him. He just doesn't appear to learn from his mistakes either. I had high hopes that Stack would...
  15. Football Tragic

    Expansion AFL overtaking NRL in QLD

    Some great factual arguments here GC2015 though using crowd/membership percentages doesn't bode well for the NRL when you compare against the AFL. Bronco's are the only side that can be spoken in the same breath as the AFL in terms of crowds/memberships. Ratings this year, across the whole...
  16. Football Tragic

    Sydney Stack in trouble again

    I would have liked him to take the initiative and begin running early (like Ross!) just to prove his determination to others as much as to actually increase his fitness levels. I think he will be determined to improve this year but he has a lot to prove before winning back the faith of the...
  17. Football Tragic

    Sydney Stack in trouble again

    I think Stacky is a player that needs pressure. When he was overlooked in his first season and we picked him up late - he had a point to prove. He forced himself into selection calculations from his training and determination. He don't all the i's and crossed all the t's on and off the field...
  18. Football Tragic

    If sometime over the next 50/100 years the AFL was to expand internationally, which country do you think would be the most likely to have a team?

    I think India - they already have the grounds set up and the population. The other country is USA. They have a huge appetite for sport and the interest in the game is growing over there from a ratings perspective. I would have said China but given the current political tension, I can't see it...
  19. Football Tragic

    List Mgmt. Draft rewind: The inside story of Richmond’s remarkable 2016 off-season

    Just shows you that when things are at their bleakest you need to be at your strongest. We could have easily thrown the baby out with the bath water in 2016 - sack the coach, get rid of players for picks and bring in a new board. Instead we kept what we knew worked and tweaked what we knew...