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  1. HalloweenJack

    Premiership players at 2 different clubs

    Stan (Pops) Heal played in the 1941 Melbourne premiership (after 8 games) and 1 week later played in West Perth's premiership.
  2. HalloweenJack

    Herald Sun Top 20 AFLW Players across all four seasons

    Agreed and so was Gemma Houghton an absolute star and in my opinion the best player in the competition.
  3. HalloweenJack

    Fantastic opening songs from debut albums

    T.V Eye is the opening song from the original release of Radios Appear in Australia by Radio Birdman. "What gives" was the opening track from the overseas release and "Aloha Steve & Danno" from the much later remastered album. I love that the Birdman did a Stooges cover. Awesome.
  4. HalloweenJack

    Rank your favourite band's albums

    Pretty much my list except I would have LA Woman as a 10 and sitting at number 1.
  5. HalloweenJack

    Physics Gravitational waves!

    I haven't heard of this discovery before and it is great for Peter who I knew from UWA many years ago.
  6. HalloweenJack

    Uncontracted Clayton Oliver [OOC 2021]

    You could probably make that claim for a lot of midfielders. The difference between most, if not all, other midfielders is that Judd could break open games and win them for the eagles. Judd still is the only opposition player I would tune in to watch a home and away match when the Blues...
  7. HalloweenJack

    Dangerfield hit on floss-tone

    Dangerfield was protecting himself. It was accidental. I suggest that if he had not put up his arm that the inevitable head clash may have resulted in much worse injuries and to both players. He shouldn't be suspended but he will be.
  8. HalloweenJack

    A new perspective on the greatest of Grand Finals

    Thanks Rohan.
  9. HalloweenJack

    Prettiest batsman to watch

    Yes. I was at the WACA for the 1975-76 series Test and watched as he dismantled a great Aussie attack. From memory he made 169. He was ruthless not pretty. Just an aside about fast bowlers. Thommo was lightening fast and the fastest I ever saw but that day at the WACA Fredericks was supreme...
  10. HalloweenJack

    News Best22Under22

    Your mob won the last grand final of the 20th century. The 21st century started on 1 January 2001.
  11. HalloweenJack

    Preview Port Adelaide v Sydney - AFL 2020 Rd 14 - Saturday 29 August 2020 @1:45 PM (AEST) - AO

    I think you are correct about the instruction to the umpires but the Dixon free has to be the softest free paid this year.
  12. HalloweenJack

    Autopsy AFL 2020 Round 11 - Crows v Pies Tues August 11th 6:35pm AEST (AO) Match Highlights in OP

    I am actually looking forward to this match. The Pies should win but I have a feeling that the Crows will break their duck.
  13. HalloweenJack

    Discussion Strangest Events to Occur During a Match?

    I was at a WAFL match in late 1976 (maybe round 19 or 20) at Leederville Oval (then West Perth's home ground) to see West Perth v Claremont. Mal Brown was the Claremont captain/coach. At the start of the last quarter he used his last replacement player (no interchange in those days). Early on...
  14. HalloweenJack

    Unique or obscure music you like

    A friend that I worked with in Fremantle in 1979 and 80 had this album. I loved it and about 2 years later in Sydney I found it in a second-hand record store in Glebe.
  15. HalloweenJack

    Scott Morrison - How Long? Part 2

    Australia is 52.4m hectares in size. The article cited is wrong.
  16. HalloweenJack

    stephenson vs raynor

    Stephenson is ahead right now but I saw some very positive signs from Raynor during the finals. I think Raynor is ready to tear the competition a new one this year.
  17. HalloweenJack

    Australia v New Zealand 1st Test at Perth December 12-16

    I heard that Paine decided to bowl after Smith and Warner convinced him to bowl. If true, then this is just another reason for Smith to not be made Captain when his leadership ban ends. Mind you, Paine should have batted anyway and not been convinced to go against his initial instincts.
  18. HalloweenJack

    Vale Bob Willis

    Vale Bob Willis. R.I.P.
  19. HalloweenJack

    List Mgmt. Pick 9

    It's still broke and I slide down a rope.
  20. HalloweenJack

    List Mgmt. Pick 9

    I have just got back from Perth and I have been reading and seeing a lot of information about Deven Robertson. He looks the goods too me and I hope we pick him if he is available.