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    AFL to introduce a score-free round "In a leaked white paper entitled “THE FUTURE OF OUR GREAT, INCLUSIVE, EXCELLENTLY-GOVERNED GAME”, outgoing CEO Andrew Demetriou lists...
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    Grand Final (part 1) photo's

    Hey I've been lookin around for any pics of the game but can't find much. In particular I'm after that shot of Lenny flexin' after kicking his goal, might as well make it a photo thread though! Cheers
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    Vote Brendan Goddard for MOTY Round 21 isn't over just yet, so we're unable to vote right now. But make sure you get your votes in because we have a contender with Liam Jurrah's mark....gotta make sure Goddard wins this round! Personally, Goddard's is much better but I...
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    Excessive tackle??

    Firstly, grats to Carlton - they played fantastic and fully deserved the win. Could anybody grab the footage of when Lenny Hayes got pinned for a great, hard tackle and the umpire gave away a free kick + 50m for being "excessive"? I'm just isolating this incident and am not making any...
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    St Kilda vs Melbourne Live Stream??

    nevermind, got a link from the saints board. mods feel free to delete this thread :)
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    Live stream of todays game?

    Anyone know of a Live stream for the game against the Dee's today? Channel 7 has it delayed by 1.5 hours and FoxSports doesn't show it till 7:30 tonight =\