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    Uncontracted Jake Riccardi [OOC 2021]

    Doubt it, Bruce is contracted until the end of 2023. Then we have Naughton and JUH. I do rate Riccardi though, think he will make it as a top 5 KPF.
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    Who are the top 10 midfielders in the league?

    Not bad, think the top 6 is bang on but I'd change the order. My guess at a top 10 by the end of 2021: Realistically 7-10 could be anything. 1. Dusty 2. Fyfe 3. Danger 4. Cripps 5. Bont 6. Neale 7. Petracca 8. Oliver 9. Macrae 10. McCluggage Wouldn't be surprised to see Rowell, Coniglio, J...
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    Opinion Best of the decade...

    Back: Rance (better player than Hodge, but you would pick Hodge if selecting a team from scratch, outstanding leader) Midfielder: Ablett jr Ruck: Gawn Forward: Buddy Overall: Ablett jr
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    Can Matt Rowell win the Rising Star award and Brownlow medal in 2021?

    Unlikely, maybe a 5% or so chance of happening. If he remains uninjured most likely wins rising star and top 10 or 20 Brownlow.
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    Can Dustin Martin be the GOAT?

    since 00 1. Gaz jnr Throw a blanket over Fyfe, Dusty, Judd, Danger, Cousins etc (not including Voss, Hird and Buckley who played almost half of their careers in the 90s) Although if I was doing a top 5 since 2000 (mids only) 1. Gaz jnr 2. Judd 3. Dusty 4. Fyfe 5. Danger So no, not GOAT...
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    Toast Welcome to the Temple of Bontempelli, please take off your shoes and pay your respects

    Love the Bont, will go down as a top 5 player for us. His 25 now, needs to get a move on if his going to go down as the #1 dog or even top #3 (would need to dislodge one of Whitten, Grant or Hawkins).
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    Your clubs 26 and under side

    FB: Williams - L Young - Butler CHB: Daniel - Cordy - Crozier C: B Smith - Dunkley - Hunter HF: Dale - Ugle-Hagan - Vandermeer FF: Schache- Naughton - Weightman R: English - Bontempelli - Macrae I/C: McLean - Richards - West - Cavarra Have probably forgotten someone, but damn out midfield and...
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals - Part 2 (The 2020 Draft)

    You guys are the winners of the draft - well done. McDonald should of gone #2 to Adelaide and the bid on Campbell was after your pick, which is all you can ask for.
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    Does it take too long for clubs to rebuild their lists?

    Dogs or Brisbane Dogs have a midfield of English, Bontempelli, Macrae, Dunkley, Hunter and B Smith all under 30 with Libba amd Treloar just 30 and tons of depth in McLean, Lippa, West etc In 3 years you would also expect Naughton and JUH to be a formidable forward combination, hopefully some...
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    Contracted Josh Dunkley [OOC 2022, requested a trade to Essendon, didn't get there]

    Then we keep him. Not too phased, just hope the club doesn't fold and trade him because they don't want a player who has requested a trade. Dunkley, Merrett & Shiel would be a formidable midfield (with McGrath, Heppell, Caldwell as well). I would just do the trade if i was Essendon. Two first...
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    Contracted Josh Dunkley [OOC 2022, requested a trade to Essendon, didn't get there]

    Hope we hold strong, hold him to his contract or get overs in pick 7 + Ess future 2021 1st.
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    Who are the top 10 midfielders in the league?

    Toughy, last year I would of said no issues with any of Dusty, Fyfe or Danger as #1. But I reckon Dusty is now #1, no issue with people who put Fyfe #1 though. I have based it off a little bit of this years form + what they have achieved over the past few years, which is why Steele isn't on...
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    Who are the top 10 midfielders in the league?

    1. Dusty 2. Fyfe 3. Dangerfield 4. Bontempelli 5. Cripps 6. Neale 7. Petracca 8. Mitchell 9. Macrae 10. Oliver
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    Dusty v Gary Ablett Junior

    Yeah, no. Gaz is numero uno of this century.
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    Motchin > Dangerwood

    Dusty and Danger will go down as all time legendary players. Selwood and Cotchin both outstanding captains. I'd probably go Danger + Selwood if I could take a duo as 18 year olds, couldn't go wrong with either pair though.
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    Dangerfield and that elusive Premiership

    If Danger wins one, is he considered better than Fyfe and Martin? Definently been the most consistent of the 3.
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    Rolling All Australian Team 2020

    Would be surprised if Boak wasn't named captain.
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    Rolling All Australian Team 2020

    Would be very surprised if Bont didn't make the squad, not in the best 22 team though for me atm.
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    Rolling All Australian Team 2020

    I still think Danger and Hawkins make it over Guthrie and Menegola (not saying I agree, just what I think happens).