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  1. Cadillac

    Autopsy Bulldogs win a heart stopper vs Eagles

    Bevo. I love you. But please... PLEASE do the right thing and play our best 22 next week. We have the cattle to be a top 8 side. Stop being arrogant and just pick THE BEST 22 PLAYERS. Stop picking your surfing buddies. Stop picking the blokes that have a go at training. Just pick the side that...
  2. Cadillac

    Game Day The Jed Adcock Cup Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

    Last time I made a game day thread we won so I’m hoping I continue the good luck and we get a win. I want to get excited about the return of Naughton and another week of continuity into Dunkley but then I remember who else Bevo has brought in this week. And I now want to pull whatever little...
  3. Cadillac

    Is Rhyce Shaw just a less experienced Mark Neeld?

    Rhyce started his coaching career in 2016. After his retirement in 2015. In 2019 he filled in as the interim head coach and was officially named as the head coach at the end of that year. I find it baffling that such an inexperienced coach would be given the senior coaching position. Obviously...
  4. Cadillac

    Game Day The Ugle-Hagan Cup - Western Bulldogs vs Essendon

    A lot at stake tonight. Whoever wins this one obviously gets the rights to Ugle-Hagan. (Just ask that random guy on that Essendon forum) *Tongue firmly in cheek. In all seriousness though, this is going to be an interesting contest tonight. I’m surprisingly a lot more confident than I was...
  5. Cadillac

    Will the Tim Kelly trade go down as one of the worst ever ?

    Geelong received pick 14, 24, 37 and what is looking like a top 5 pick in 2020. As well as signing him to a 5 million dollar deal. It’s very early days. But it’s hard to justify trading 4 early draft picks for one player. He looks like a shell of the player he was now he’s surrounded by flakey...
  6. Cadillac

    Autopsy Roast : Bevo’s stubborn match day selections and the loss to St.Kilda

    How long is this going to go on before he’s held accountable for his pathetic match day selections of his “favourites” who just aren’t AFL standard? For too long he’s been pulling this sh*t and now we are mediocre it’s standing out like a sore thumb. It started with wasting games in the back...
  7. Cadillac

    Is this the last year Carlton get the Thursday night curtain raiser?

    Year after year Carlton lay an egg with a pathetic display to open the AFL season. Surely this is the last year we all have to put up with this crap display of football. What have they even done to deserve it? Would rather watch Moana Hope AFLW career highlights than watch blokes like Paddy Dow...
  8. Cadillac

    If the season is canceled or significantly shortened, what’s happens to the 2020 Draft?

    If the season is canceled. Or there is a small number of games played, what happens with the draft? Do we get a lottery? Or do we cancel the draft entirely and make a 2021 super draft ? Would be a disappointing result for clubs with Academy players and father sons ready to be drafted this year
  9. Cadillac

    Discussion Looking to buy a 1996 Bulldogs centenary Guernsey

    Hey guys, is there anyone out there who knows anybody willing to sell this Guernsey below? I’ve been searching for years for one. And am willing to pay overs to get my hands on one. Thanks for your help.
  10. Cadillac

    Toast Jamarra Ugle-Hagan - Welcome to the club

    Just watching him tear it up vs the Falcons so far today. He’s been in terrific form over the past month of under 18s and school footy. Surely he deserves his own thread ? I’ll keep updating his stats from today’s game *Edit Jamarra finally gets drafted tonight and becomes a Western Bulldogs...
  11. Cadillac

    Nice Guernsey North

    Looking forward to seeing you guys running out on Marvel stadium in this awesome Guernsey. If you close one eye and consume 30 beers, you will look just like super heroes !!
  12. Cadillac

    Toast Rising Star Bailey Smith 28 disposals against Geelong

    welcome to the dogs !! Pick 7. A future 300 gamer!!
  13. Cadillac

    Jed Anderson already out the door for 2019?

    Was just looking at Norths list on their official website and In particular wanted to check out Jed Anderson’s stats after a great year and couldn’t find him at all. Is it a cryptic message that he’s already gone? Or just a mistake from the website?
  14. Cadillac

    Autopsy Western bulldogs vs Carlton - Rd 22, 2018

    kill it with fire. That was disgusting. Can’t believe we let Bont play out that game when he was in noticeable pain. Just ridiculous. What else is there to take from that? The team just has to get Bont to 100% fitness next year.
  15. Cadillac

    Game Day Western Bulldogs vs Geelong. Etihad

    This game tonight is all about taking the positives out of the contest. I really hope we can manage a healthy crowd of around 30K tonight. We need to support the boys. It feels like forever since we’ve managed to beat the Cats, and the fact we are missing half of our midfield rotation in...
  16. Cadillac

    Chris Yarran speaks out about meth addiction Not sure how Richmond weren't told he was a meth addict. Really hope he gets the help he needs.
  17. Cadillac

    Autopsy Review vs GWS

    Can Bont get some help ? Mitch wallis one kick sums up the night. Dunkley getting a game this early in a recover from injury sums up Bevo's tactics at the selection panel for the year. Without a Morris or a Wood to guide him. Lewy young was so out of his depth. How did we not know it was...
  18. Cadillac

    Geelong are the worst team of all time sitting second on the ladder going into round 20

    Let's go into detail. The most overrated coach of all time. Inherited a premiership list full of champions. His premiership as coach should be remembered in similar vain as Shane Woewodins Brownlow. Has done sweet **** all in finals since. Has no idea how to develop young players. Guthrie...
  19. Cadillac

    Dustin Martin yet to re-sign with Richmond

    Well done Richmond! He will be a tiger for life!! Couldn't imagine him playing for anyone else. Was never going to entertain going to a small club going like North!!
  20. Cadillac

    Chris Scott sack watch

    I've seen enough of this campaigner. Him and his playing group are absolute pretenders. It's going to take 4 quarters just to beat Norf without Wood, Goldstein and Waite. And they gave up a first rounder for Zach Touhey. :$:thumbsu: