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  1. TennisPlayerAndy

    Round 4 - Rising Star nomination.

    Surely it goes to Walsh this week. Disposed of the ball far better than he previously had.
  2. TennisPlayerAndy

    Player who everyone rates, but you don't.

    The bloke who is talked up like he's one of the greatest in the league, but is merely just a player. I'll start off. For me, it's Bont. The fapping over this bloke has reached plague proportions. Followed closely by Tom Mitchell. The quintessential quantity over quality player.
  3. TennisPlayerAndy

    Movie Chasing a movie title.

    Hopefully someone can help. I watched a film on SBS (no, not one of THOSE films) a while ago an the name of it has escaped me for all these years. From what I can remember it involved a woman being held captive in a dwelling in the middle of the country. The one scene I remember vividly is...
  4. TennisPlayerAndy

    Aaron Hall

    This guy has just exploded as a player. Amazing transformation.
  5. TennisPlayerAndy

    Collingwood v Footscray

    Scrappy start from both sides.
  6. TennisPlayerAndy

    2016 Bold, Bolder and Boldest Predictions.

    As per the title, post your bold, bolder and boldest prediction for 2016. Bold: Swallow gives up the captaincy. Bolder: Wells finishes Top 5 in the Brownlow Boldest: We finish Top 2.
  7. TennisPlayerAndy

    Ashes 2015, Fourth Test - Day 2, Trent Bridge.

    Anyone going to watch?
  8. TennisPlayerAndy

    Ashes 2015, Third Test - England v Australia - Day 3, Edgbaston

    We are SO boned.
  9. TennisPlayerAndy

    Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. Didn't. Best Grand Final that never was.

    A bit of discussion on the North board about the '99 Grand Final and what the result would have been had Essendon been able to beat Carlton and got the chance to take on North in the GF. Got me thinking, what are some of the other 'almost' match-up's that you would have loved to see?
  10. TennisPlayerAndy

    Weller v Duggan v Ahern v Cockatoo v Ellis

    Intersted in everyone's thoughts on these five who I think sit outside the top tier of the midfielders in the draft. Who would you select and why?
  11. TennisPlayerAndy

    The OFFICIAL 2015 Preseason Thread.

    No footy until March..... F***********k.
  12. TennisPlayerAndy

    Belief, it's a wonderful drug.

    And it's legal. And it's free. Bring on Friday night!!!!!
  13. TennisPlayerAndy


    Has been a pet peeve of mine for some time. This isn't about our turnovers, although we can burn the ball with the best of them, I'm talking about forcing them. Our ability to create a turnover is without a doubt the worst in the league. Always caught sagging off a man, very little pressure on...
  14. TennisPlayerAndy

    What I'd do if we beat Hawthorn.

    Just about anything. Just. About. Anything.
  15. TennisPlayerAndy

    Change the game: Malthouse Highly ironic as it was he who went crazy with 'rotations'.....
  16. TennisPlayerAndy

    Desire, effort and intent.

    I am sick of the majority of the team putting in only when it suits them. You could count on one hand the players who showed the required desire and intensity last night. The majority pick and choose when to go, when they feel like it. It's not good enough. It is clear that there are far too...
  17. TennisPlayerAndy

    Why I dislike (insert player name).

    This is roos_fanatic08's idea but I'll start off. Sam Wright. FFS buddy, the goals are that ******* wide and your skills are that ******* good, how can you miss that many? It's infuriating.
  18. TennisPlayerAndy

    St Kilda v Gold Coast

    GC with the quick start.
  19. TennisPlayerAndy

    Pick our next Mr Hyde game.

    Dr Jekyll North has been on display four times this year with great victories in Sydney and Perth as well as a win against the top of the ladder Power. However, Mr Hyde North has reared his ugly head in three games, one of which we were heavy favourites. There is no rhyme or reason for this...