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  1. ponsdale

    AFLW Finals So our women have finally (!) made the finals. We play on Saturday in Sydney vs GWS. Typical that the only time the Dees play in Sydney this year (mens or women) and its a final and there won't be spectators...
  2. ponsdale

    Unofficial Preview Where am I? (opposition supporters welcome)

    I woke up with a pounding head cold, struggling to open my eyes, my throat parched and muscle aches in muscles I didn’t even know existed. I really didn’t want to move. But gradually, curiosity started to get the better of me. Where was I? This didn’t feel like my bed. Just what had I been up...
  3. ponsdale

    Unofficial Preview Round 13: Swans v Demons "Deals, NSW-style" (opposition supporters welcome)

    (a tough gig having to follow Proper Gander on stage…) In retrospect, being offered car deals by Casino Mike Baird should have rung alarm bells. But everything is clearer in hindsight. I’d taken Sir Hugh Percy out with me that Sunday morning. His professed knowledge of all things Range Rover...
  4. ponsdale

    Streamed replays?

    Any reason we can't run a thread like this on the Demons board? Apparently one similar on the Blues board too. I'm not technically competent enough or I would have started it....
  5. ponsdale

    Q&A with Simon Goodwin

    Anyone in Melbourne in the market for a new caravan? Q&A session "hosted by Russell Robertson with Simon Goodwin and players" Saturday 14th Feb. Take your better half along, it's a very Valentine's Day romantic thing to do.
  6. ponsdale

    Would Action Jackson make a good AFL CEO?

    I don't want this to happen, I think he's critical to the change process underway at Melbourne. But I was surprised that speculation hasn't included him. What's your view?
  7. ponsdale

    Unofficial Preview Round 3 - GWS v Melbourne - Losing my direction...

    Sitting on the couch late on Sunday afternoon watching the Demons test the strength of my love for them, my mobile started buzzing beside me. The texts were coming in thick and fast. I glanced down knowing I could comfortably group them into two categories: a) from my two brothers at the MCG...
  8. ponsdale

    Gary Burleigh out the door?

    Great time to be changing the recruiting team?
  9. ponsdale

    Neeld sacked Press conference at 10:30?
  10. ponsdale

    Where is Sylvia's best position

    Just read this article on The Age. I had thought the answer was obvious. Then I started to challenge my own thinking... I had always thought HFF but he has value in the centre. But does he have the stamina? Where do you think Sylvia is best suited to? Where can the Demons extract the best...
  11. ponsdale

    Organised crime and drugs in sport - ACC report

    Here's an interesting report just published by the Australian Crime Commission. Of interest is the detail and descriptions of the types of drugs. Will be printing this out for a read on the bus home tonight.
  12. ponsdale

    The Demons nearly hired Stephen Dank?

    Article here. "Melbourne Football Club has since knocked him back for a job in its own football department - perhaps a rare stroke of fortune for the tanking-accused Demons." I'm very happy we didn't.