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    Strategy Richmond’s Kamdyn McIntoshs mission to trade/barter from a paper clip to a house

    Jack Riewoldt mentioned at the end of his Tiger time podcast 24th August , that team mate Kamdyn McIntosh was on his way to trade up from a paper clip to a house. He is 3 trade in currently Next trade up a pair of...
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    Col Hutchinson - AFL historians 1294 consecutive match attendance ended by corona virus

    Geelong supporter and AFL historian Col Hutchinson has been in attendance at every Geelong game since missing Fitzroy v Geelong Round 10 1963 And Col won’t be in at the GWS Giants v Geelong match because of the corona virus afl rules Amazing effort to have been in attendance at so many matches
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    “Collingwood will win 2019 AFL Premiership” Mark Robinson

    Robbo tipping Collingwood to beat Richmond in the 2019 AFL Grand Final on his Maquarie sports radio segment Let’s hope he is correct
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    AFLX 2019 , Buddy , Danger , Dusty , Fyfe captains 50k payday

    Channel seven saying aflx returning in Friday February 22 4 captains earning 50k pick their teams
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    Play a Showdown in Melbourne says Damien Barrett

    MCG Friday night prime time Adelaide v Port Adelaide Should it happen ?
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    Rumour The aftermath when Demetriou flew to Adelaide in 2010

    This guy seems to know a bit of inside info , threatens to spill inside info if the AFL go after him Maybe more is about to come out of the this ?
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    Vale Murray Swinton , MND

    Murray was the firefighter that was part of Neale Danihers MND at the MCG on Queens Birthday this year All the more reason to find a cure for this disease Following posted on Reddit For those that have been following, Murray was the Firefighter struck down with MND that Collingwood has...
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    Collingwood Grand Final Day live site , Olympic Park Oval

    Tickets are available through for Collingwood Grand Final day live site 12pm Saturday 29th September Tickets $20.00
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    Sen Melbourne FC announcement

    Not sure where to put this apologies if it’s wrong place Gerard Whateley on Sen is calling on all Melbourne fans to tune in in the next half hour after 10:30am Hutchy nay be about to send a small plane load of Melbourne fans over to the Prelim in Perth the same as he did when the Westen...
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    Collingwood Prelim live site @ Margaret Court Arena Friday night

    Will be announced by club tomorrow that those unable to get match tickets will be able to watch the game at MCA for a small admission price
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    Jaidyn Stephenson 2018 Rising star winner

    Congratulations Jaidyn A worthy winner
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    Some MCC seats to be avilable to club members Prelim & GF - Caroline Wilson

    Caroline Wilson saying on 3aw , a little known detail that as part of the MCG hosting the GF fo the next 40 years , they will have to make available unused MCC seats for Preliminary Finals and Grand Finals , after a certain time , to competing club members who have missed out on tickets.
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    Bachar Houli & Adam Saad Friday night MCG response to Senator Anning speech

    3aw saying that Bachar Houli , Adam Saad and Richmond & Essendon are going to hold an on ground response to Senator Annings parliamentary speech against immigrantion before tomorrow night match at 5he MCG
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    Name a Game , AFL match archive is closing down June 30th

    End of an era for Name a Game DVD service FOOTBALL fans will have a month to place final orders for their favourite matches from history after it was announced on Thursday that the DVD service Name a Game would cease operating at the end of this financial year on June 30...
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    Bon Jovi 2018 AFL Grand Final entertainment ? Black Eyed Peas confirmed.

    rumored on Sen Bon Jovi will be the Grand Final entertainment act
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    The Gabba , Refurbish , Demolish & Rebuild or Relocate ?

    As the current home venue of AFL and Test Cricket & Big Bash in Brisbane What should happen to the Gabba going into the next 30 years Should significant dollars be spent to upgrade the venue for Brisbane spectators , and to bring it up to standard of the other major sport venues around the...
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    St Kilda v Port Adelaide 2019 China match

    Dwayne Russell saying on 3aw lock it in Saints v Power 2019
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    Western Bulldogs superfan 1000 Consecutive H&A match milestone

    Well done Garry , fantastic loyalty and Deservedly led out the premiership flag unfurling last year We love milestones in football, and this weekend the Club will celebrate a milestone of a different kind, and a...