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  1. db26

    Mature Age Recruits

    Looks like will be on the lookout for a few to cover the players we have lost.Even a few on rookie list is fine.Priority for me is a couple inside midfielders and a ruck forward type. For you wafl and sanfl and vfl watchers etc or from other afl clubs who's worth a look at.
  2. db26

    Updates on Moore and Astbury??

    Any news on these two people hope to see them back in 2012 so important to our backline and spine.I still think people underate how good Moore is and how important he was to our team most of the time getting the job done for us on the best forwards. As for Astbury didnt think his injury was so...
  3. db26

    Were does David Astbury play in 2012 ?

    This is the burning question for me that I'm interested in.Will it in in the back half or forward half.Peoples views a mixed.From the games When I saw him play he looked more comfortable as a forward then KP backman.I got a feeling the clubs want's him there to.At times he did look lost in the...
  4. db26

    Rookie wish list??

    Guys who are you hoping us to rookie and how many selections do we have??.I reckon there were a few KP players overlooked who were a suprise.I would like two KPP maybe Josh Walker and Tom Gordon even Tasmanian Ben Brown a nice ruckman who got injured.Zac Fitzgerald is another one Ilike.
  5. db26

    Keep Positive Guys Were in for the Long Haul!!!!!!!!!

    I know these next couple of weks are going to be tough with injuries and the kids getting tired and blooding new players ,but we have all got to stay strong.Let's not forget this year is about development and a new gameplan.What I take notice week by week is not only weither we win or loose is...
  6. db26

    Tell me about John Butcher

    I have read many mixed storys about this lad that he is awsome and also not that good either and overated.He played on the weekend for his local club and kicked 1goal.7 and have read his kicking is a issue.For people who have watched this lad what a the positives and weaknesses in his game.
  7. db26

    Alan Richardson

    Rumor has it club forced him to apply as alot of good things have been mentioned about him as a assistant .I remember him at coburg and was impressed and wondered why we never put him as a assistant ever. The pies snapped him up and worked under Mick for I think about 3 or 4 seasons and now with...
  8. db26

    Todd Viney

    People havent mentioned him ,but is higly regarded.Spend a year having the top gig in country league Moama before going to the hawks same year as Clarko and helped rebuilt the list with him.Spend 4 seasons there and people say Harwick gets mention and praised alot ,but Viney was the brains...
  9. db26

    I cant believe this lol!!!!!!

    He 's had 5 years to fix this problem as it has always been our main issue and now you want to bring it up how about you take some responsibility and dont make exuses pls Terry .What have you been doing along with Royal our skills manager in preseason why have you recruited players who cant...
  10. db26

    Our Interview list

    I reckon the following guys should be all on our hit list to interview and present to the board Harwick-Tough,successfull and has built that list with Clarko at the hawks Hinkley-Could be the suprise packet here for the tigers and a gem in the making rated highly and has got alot to do...
  11. db26

    Operation Get Balme

    Balme is the man which should be chaseing hard to rebuild our footy department he is the first priority we need there at punt road before any other appointment and I hope the reports are true we a pushing hard to get him March and co.He did it at the pies and the cats with success and is tiger...
  12. db26

    Wallace has failed simple!!

    Listening to 3aw yesterday made me sick.Hearing Dennis Pagan stick up for Wallace saying simple he hasnt got the cattle which is is crap.This is why -Given a 5 yr contract to rebuild the list and team and improve skills and kicking and to at least play finals in last year. He has failed...
  13. db26

    Allroy Gilligan

    Hi guys just wondering what you's know about this boy .He's been rooked at the tigers and I know he played colts for claremont, and mate the team of the year for the colts.Thanks
  14. db26

    Let the club know

    Here is the Email link let the club know we want Ben
  15. db26

    Andrew Browne

    Herd he is doing a preseason with us a big ruckman 204 cm from Murray Bushrangers.Looks like a good kid watched his highlights on the afl page and was impressed.Does anyone know any info about him.If someone can post the link of highlights from the afl page pls i couldnt do it.Also is cockshell...
  16. db26

    Skilled stadium

    How a you guys just wondering is skilled having big screens there this sat on the ground to watch the final and is it for free or do you have to pay .Thanks good luck:thumbsu:
  17. db26

    A must from this years draft

    Im hopeing our football department finish our young list with two key position players.Our first 2 picks we need a quality ruckman or a full forward or centre half forward these a priorities.We have enough running players and a good crop coming up maybe later in the draft.
  18. db26

    Which young Tiger players impressed you today?

    from the kids
  19. db26

    Adam Hunter

    As a Tiger supporter on the weekend going to the game this guy catches my eye time after time with the amount of talent ,skill and workrate he has. He is a delight to watch and one of my favourite players in the AFL.Watching him one minute playing on a Richo, and then a minute later creeping up...