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  1. showdownhero

    Alternative Cancer Treatments

    Dear trusted posters of the Health and Fitness boards, I'm reaching out to you in a time of need. My fiance's (god I hate that word) mother has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which as you may or may not know is one of the most lethal types of cancer in existence and if the tumour...
  2. showdownhero

    Food/Supplements Meals and Recipes Thread

    So I had a snoop around and can't find any thread dedicated to nutritional meals and recipes. I think it would be nice if we had a place where posters of all nutritional walks of life are allowed to post up there wares (preferably without pot shots taken from opposing camps). This allows posters...
  3. showdownhero

    Employment All new South Australian teachers will need Master degrees in shake-up of educa Thoughts? Seems fairly excessive to me and probably more to do with AEU being able to negotiate higher pay in 2015. I...
  4. showdownhero

    Mark Ronson - Live at the wireless

    So for those who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Mr Ronson working his magic at either Future Music or one of his side shows he really put on quite a show. I was also lucky enough to see him at Future Music then hear it all again because the good people at Triple J recorded his...
  5. showdownhero

    Help Where's ym avatar gone?

    Says it all in the title really EDIT: Except I'm an idiot who can't spell
  6. showdownhero

    The Law Eugene McGee

    So i know this is old news but it has just been announced that the Legal Practitioners Professional Conduct Board has declined to take any action against him for a hit and run and subsequent cover up. I have to say this entire case has...
  7. showdownhero

    Pim is rubbish?

    Given the about of crap directed at Verbeek regarding the quality of our football I was hoping someone could explain to me the difference between the coaching styles of Guus and Pim? From what I have seen they were both pretty similar. Defensively minded, lone striker and two defensive...
  8. showdownhero

    **MUST WATCH** Sunday Footy Show

    Greetings from the land of the inflated ego ladies and gentleman. Please I implore you to watch the Adelaide season review on the Sunday Footy Show which will air in the Festival State in about 20 minutes. If you don't have the time nor inclination to do so spoilers are underneath...
  9. showdownhero

    Round 8: Adelaide v Melbourne AAMI Stadium 18th May

    Should be a solid win for the Crows at least according to the bookies who had us @ 1.05 last I checked. Problem is we have the uncanny ability of playing sh*t against sh*t opponenets. See Adelaide v Fremantle for evidence of that.
  10. showdownhero

    Suggestions for a good gamepad

    Hey guys looking at purchasing PES2008 for my new PC but need some advice on a good gamepad ... so far I have checked out the Saitek and Logitech range and am also checking out the XBOX 360 controller cause it can be used for PC. Probably want a wired one because I don't want to be...
  11. showdownhero

    Arnold Out after Asia Cup

    Personally I would have preferred our high profile coach to start before the Asia Cup to give him some experience coaching the lads in a big tournament. Not sure if he will continue in an assitant role or not as the article does't really make it clear but as far as I'm concerned the sooner we...
  12. showdownhero

    Australians arrested in Lebanon

    3 Australians arrested and 1 killed in counter terrorism measures taken in Lebanon. I hope these people weren't just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. I guess time will tell.
  13. showdownhero

    Crow's trollers worse than Port's ... by a long way

    Honestly you guys are a constant embarrassment ... Port lose and we win and all of a sudden Bay 13 is set alight by the usual suspects. Honestly you are a joke and you know who you are.:thumbsd:
  14. showdownhero

    Helen Clark compares the ANZACS to Music Festival

    Take a squizz at this. Look I know that she didn't directly say one is as important as the other but for her to say ... ... offends me and I would hope the majority of Australians and Kiwis. Even to metion them (and Waitangi Day which I believe is an important Maori celebration) in the...
  15. showdownhero

    Limewire: Good or Bad?

    I have been a Limewire fanatic for probably about 3 years and despite some poor performance recently I still feel it is a very good file sharing program. However I recently spoke to a friend who told me it can cause serious problems for your computer as it makes massive alterations to some...
  16. showdownhero


    Hey Guys, I'm a bar manager in Adelaide and was wondering if anyone knows of a way to access live coverage of the Grand Final in Adelaide. If not no one will be able to watch it until 10:45 tonight on Channel 9. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. showdownhero

    ABC Board Announcement

    At around 3:00pm this afternoon Helen Coonan is set to announce a new representative to the ABC board. I have a feeling they might have a footy connection ;) . Watch this space for further information.
  18. showdownhero

    WTF happened to Hayden Foxe?

    Last I remember he was a promising young Soccerroo at Portsmouth. Wikipedia Quote How is his injury recovery coming along Can we expect to see him playing for an A - League side in the future Might he help our defence problems if he can recover?
  19. showdownhero

    Rebecca Wilson is a disgrace!!

    I know Rucci deserves a lot of the sh1t he gets but there is someone who features in The Ragvertiser who is far, far worse ... Rebecca Wilson. She is a treacherous journalist and I have no idea why she would get a job at The Messenger let alone for News Ltd. Look I know The Advertiser is a...