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    Games By Number (its a slow off season)

    Number 1 1 Purser, Andrew 1983-87 112 1 Hampshire, Ian 1976-82 111 1 Thoms, Jim 1940-46 96 1 Grant, Jarrad 2009-15 81 1 Kerr, John 1953-57 80 1 Ray, Farren 2004-08 75 1 Greenwood, Ken 1967-72 73 1 Zeuschner, Murray 1962-67 64 1 Hopkins, Allan 1929-32 56 1 Grgic, Ilija 1994-96 53 1 Webb, Norm...
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    1985 Prelim Final on 72

    For those who haven't seen our last real chance of making the last day in Sep, 72 is showing the 85 Prelim final against Hawthorn at VFL Park at 3.45 next Sat (30 Jan) morning. A good chance to see Hawkins, Bamblett, Beasley and Edmond in full flight and see how a coach can ruin a result by...
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    7 Two Digital - Bulldogs Games

    For those interested, just noticed in the bottom of the TV guide the new 7 digital channel is showing some AFL games at the small hours of the morning. Thursday morning 0130 Dogs vs Eagles rd 21 1999 and at 0330 there's Dogs vs Pies Rd 15 2009. On Friday morning at 0130 they have Dogs vs Tiggers...
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    Amazing Race in Darwin

    This mornings papers up here in Darwin said that the latest series of TAR was being filmed here. Contestants arrived Thurs night and rushed through the airport then yesterday they filmed at the Crocodile Park (all they do there is feed the snapping handbags and have animals on display so I guess...
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    AFL board is saying that Port has decided not to review Montgomerys contract, given that Eagleton will be with us for a few more years, looks like we got the better of the deal. :cool:
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    Dud Brothers

    With Power being dropped again due to lack of form, is he falling into the dud brother syndrome which we seem to always inherit. He has been labled as better than his brother but over the past 2 years he's failed to live up to the tags. Why is it that the doggies always seem to attract the...