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  1. Pappagallo

    Universal Love Back to The Future through The Power of meme

    Join me brothers and sisters. Focus your irrepressible FigBooty energy. Meme our beloved JoBu back onto the list!
  2. Pappagallo

    Game Day Ports vs. Hawthorn

    F i F t Y m E t R e S ! Hawks by 1.
  3. Pappagallo

    Review Porf vs. Nort

  4. Pappagallo

    Analysis Play Todd Marshall... f@&king motherf@&kers. I’m sick to death of not playing a proper forward line structure, the benefits of which should be clear to anyone who’s participated in at least one Wednesday night U11s training session in their life, whilst also watching opposition talls at the other end...
  5. Pappagallo

    Preview Round 18: Ports vs. GWS

    Round 18: Ports vs. Greater Western Sydney GIANTS Australian Rules Football Expansion Franchise When: Sunday, 22 July 2018 @ 4:10pm ACST Where: Adelaide Oval a.k.a. The Portress a.k.a. The Porterhouse a.k.a. How much better is this place compared to that concrete shithole?! Last time they met...
  6. Pappagallo

    Game Day Round 11: Ports vs. Hawthorn

    Good morning fellow Portonians it is the day of the game so the time has come to engage the enemy in pursuit of glorious victory in Van Diemen’s Land by 1 point or more would be preferable thank you and Godspeed Or FARKEN WIN PORTS BLOODY FARKEN!!!
  7. Pappagallo

    Game Day Round 5: Ports vs. Geelong

    Saturday night under lights against the current bane of our existence. Get excited people! Ports by 8. JimmyBeerCans to keep it in his pants. P.S. Cats are sh*t. Dogs are heaps better.
  8. Pappagallo

    Game Day Round 4: Ports vs. Essendon

    I have no farken idea what’s gonna go down here. Ports by Number?
  9. Pappagallo


  10. Pappagallo

    Davy Jones' Locker Room

    Welcome all you graphic design degenerates! Stop polluting other threads with your terrible rebranding ideas and associated nonsense. Instead post them in here where they belong. At the bottom of the f@#king ocean! :p
  11. Pappagallo

    Universal Love The Louis Armstrong Bandwagon

    Get on board people! Post your St Kilda love/tribute/sacrifice/good vibes ITT!
  12. Pappagallo

    Game Day Ports vs. Saints

    We should be OK today. Richmond and GWS are almost certain to consolidate their respective top 4 positions with easy wins so there's no immediate opportunity for us to squander. Congratulation to Jonas on 100 games coming off the rookie list. Great effort. He's been terrific this year. A crowd...
  13. Pappagallo

    Game Day Ports vs. Richmond

    Winner: Ports Margin: 9 points BOG: Charlie Dixon - 6 goals Future GIF: SPP/Martin double don't argue that opens a wormhole to another dimension Surprise of the night: Oleg Markov launches a ransomware attack on the SMA after learning that his father Dmitri was charged over $10 for a beer at AO
  14. Pappagallo

    Preview Round 14: Ports vs. Collingwood

    Round 14: Ports vs. The Club Formerly Known as the Manchester United of Australia When: Saturday June 24, 2017 @ 1:15pm ACST Where: The Home of Football, Cricket, European Handball and Underwater Japanese Basket-weaving in the Sporting Capital of the Universe Last time they met: Couldn’t be...
  15. Pappagallo

    The Prots Cap Order Instructions Thread

    Alrighty then let's make this happen! Please read this post carefully if you would like to get your hands on this future classic piece of Ports apparel, as it contains all the information you need to place your order and make payment. Who's making the Ports Cap? The Ports Cap will be custom...
  16. Pappagallo

    Baby Come Back

    Are there any past Port Adelaide players, coaches or even administrators that you would like to see back at the club? It could be someone we traded, someone we fired or someone who moved on to develop their career. Maybe even someone that was a little unlucky to be cut from the list who could...
  17. Pappagallo

    Mortal Kombat

    Many artists over the years have used the concept of Memento Mori as a method of making the observers of their work aware of their own mortality. Essentially it's a reminder that you are only human and one day you will die, something that we all know but often forget. We get these reminders...
  18. Pappagallo

    The Cup of a Carpenter

    Is it just me or does this happen to every Port player as soon as they approach 30? Hawthorn have multiple stars who are making significant contributions well into their 30s, including Burgoyne who has outlasted all of his Port Adelaide contemporaries by some margin and will have played more...