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  1. CliffMcTainshaw

    Who's For Moving To Tassie - now with poll Can't see it happening! EDIT: I would like to see a team down there, just not us.
  2. CliffMcTainshaw

    Guitar Players

    I don’t care what sort of guitar it is, Electric, Bass or Acoustic or one of its many variations, Slide, Dobro, Lapsteel, Pedal, Double Bass or even how many strings it has. You can even put in one of the guitar’s cousins like the Banjo, Ukulele or Mandolin. Name the player and post an example...
  3. CliffMcTainshaw

    Live Music During Covid-19

    I was supposed to go to Shepparton last week to help my best friend set up for his gig up there, but it was cancelled. His agent told him that he had cancellations worth over $200,000 given to him over the previous 3 days. My mate is going to find it really difficult financially without being...
  4. CliffMcTainshaw

    NOW to sometime later in the year (maybe) - Talk about anything

    With the EFL Season completed, I thought it might be time to talk AFL (and other things), and at the moment the GF. I love the way the Pies are playing, really hard at it. As a follower of another AFL team I'm finding it hard to support them. I also like the way the Eagles are playing. They have...
  5. CliffMcTainshaw

    All the things you might want to talk about before the Footy Season

    Not much on the footy front at the moment, so I put this thread up. Best quote relevant to recent news: Bernard Tomic, born in Australia but represents Turkey!
  6. CliffMcTainshaw

    VALE: Barry Wenker

    If you have been to East Burwood's ground sometime over the past 20 odd years you will have met Barry Wenker when you entered the ground. Barry was the first person to greet you, take your money, give you your record and have a chat. Barry arrived at East Burwood in 1962, played 112 games and...
  7. CliffMcTainshaw

    News Item: Follow up

    181 people viewed the news item that was posted. It would be great if some of you could contribute to making the Big Footy EFL forum a better platform. More views, more opinions will be better for everyone on here.
  8. CliffMcTainshaw

    News Item

    It looks like it was Nick Tennant's dad who was ambushed and shot a number of times last weekend while riding his bike on the Myrtleford-Everton rail trail. Here's wishing your dad a very speedy recovery and I hope they catch the bludger quickly.
  9. CliffMcTainshaw

    LOWEY and the Doggies

    Come on Lowey, now that you may have sobered up or even if you haven't, tell us all about those Doggies!!!!!
  10. CliffMcTainshaw

    Next Year

    The points system to go down a couple of points. Salary cap to be introduced. Whether it works or not is another matter. Anyone have any idea of the proposed limits for each division?
  11. CliffMcTainshaw

    EFL Website

    Did they actually pay money to someone to make the new website or has it been hacked?
  12. CliffMcTainshaw

    Points System

    Weekly Times article on the points system that AFL Victoria is to trial across Victoria this season and will be implemented in conjunction with a salary cap in 2016...