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    News James Hird to Freo?

    According to SEN News, Lyon has contacted the AFL to get the tick of approval before appointing Hird to a position at Freo. Personally, I have a lot of time for Hird however I figure that this will be a polarising decision.
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    JLT Squad v WC

    1. Hayden Ballantyne 3. Zac Dawson 4. Sean Darcy 5. Garrick Ibbotson 6. Danyle Pearce 7. Nat Fyfe 8. Nick Suban 9. Bradley Hill 10. Michael Walters 11. Tommy Sheridan 12. Jon Griffin 14. Lachie Weller 15. Ethan Hughes 16. David Mundy 17. Hayden Crozier 18. Darcy Tucker 19. Connor Blakely 20...
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    Game Day NAB 2 - v Adelaide at Mt Barker

    Squads Fremantle v Adelaide, Sunday, February 28, 1.40pm AWST at Sounness Park FREMANTLE 3. Zac Dawson, 5. Garrick Ibbotson, 6. Danyle Pearce, 7. Nat Fyfe, 8. Nick Suban, 9. Matt de Boer, 10. Michael Walters, 11. Tommy Sheridan, 12. Jonathon Griffin, 13. Tendai Mzungu, 14. Lachie Weller, 15...
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    Ethan Hughes

    Was in the States during the game v Port so didn't get to watch the game properly so just put on a replay. Ethan Hughes caught my eye as someone that could surprise in 2016, maybe to eventually replace Ibbotson at half back. He looked like a likely type for me with minimum fanfare. For a...
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    Toast Alex Pearce

    Deserves its own thread. For anyone worried about our defence post McPharlin, they need not worry. Hate to jump early but just the way he went about it, it's hard to imagine us not having found a player. Deft body work, fast, confident, skillful down back and very footy smart. At 199cm, a...
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    Brenton Sanderson

    Think he is doing a really good job on special comments in the Carl v Stk game. Providing good insights on how a coach would think. Miles ahead of Bomber Thompson has produced for example. Anyone else feel the same as they were watching the game?
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    2015 Media Thread

    Think we should have a thread dedicated to news articles, audio clips, etc. for the season. Here are a couple of articles I stumbled on today. First one on Lachie Neale and the 2nd is on Fyfe...
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    2015 AFLCA Votes

    Fremantle vs Port Adelaide 10 Fyfe (Frem) 6 D. Pearce (Frem) 4 Mundy (Frem) 4 Wines (PA) 3 Pavlich (Frem) 2 Polec (PA) 1 Ebert (PA)
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    Should players that get no defensive attention be AA?

    Player A gets no defensive attention and strings a lot of high possession games together. Has impact due to space. His opponent generally racks it up as well. Player B is tagged every week however due to heavy focus of the opponent, opponent does not get near it but player B's impact is good...
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    Toast Cameron Sutcliffe

    Think Sutcliffe deserves his own thread. Good fitness, very quick and great disposal. But more importantly, always plays with great intensity, courage and effort. Think we have one of the best running half backs for the next 10 years. And currently very unheralded by the football world.
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    Fyfe's Shoulder

    Fyfe's shoulder is probably the most important commodity in WA right now and I'm worried that it might be an on-going issue given how much it gets banged up. Has there been any diagnosis? Is it likely to be an on-going issue? I'm worried like his other shoulder (which kept popping out until he...
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    Is Ballantyne our most important player?

    Found this interesting piece on Champion Data's twitter. Since Rd 1 2010 we have won 68% of games when Ballantyne has played. In contrast, we have only won 28% games where he hasn't played. I think the sample size here is large enough for this to be a significant...
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    How are we going to fit in Walters, Hill, Johnson and Pavlich?

    It's impossible to find 4 players to replace them with and that's not even considering players like De Boer. Apeness is the only given even though it would nice to give him some names given he is the replacement for Pav in future years. Clancee would be one that will be one of the unlucky...
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    Ross Lyon - 6pr - 30th June

    Anyone else enjoy the interview this week? Gave some nice subtle jabs at Karl and Brad which were thoroughly enjoyable to listen to.
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    Grand Final Recall

    Anyone watching? Just started and already hard to watch it as a Freo supporter, but geez it pumps you up for the season.
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    Unbelievable midfield depth

    Ok, say we have our back 6 of Dawson, McPharlin, Johnson, Ibbotson, Spurr and Duffield, and our 6 forwards + ruckman as Pavlich, Sandilands, Clarke, Mayne, Ballantyne and Walters. That leaves 10 spots which require running through the midfield. I realistically see 17 players competing for 10...
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    Round 16 Media

    David Mundy was probably set for a huge Western Derby but has just received the biggest moz of all - Mike Sheahan has just labelled Mundy a top 10 player in the AFL.
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    On the Couch

    Missed the start of it. Worth watching? Did Sheahan admit he is a goose for not putting us in his top 8?
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    Cannot wait for 2013.

    I'm sick of some of the kneejerk reactions to this game so thought I'd start something a little more positive. The players have given it their all this season. From the moment the new coach walked in, they have worked their asses off and completely changed the mentality of our side. We have...
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    Ross Lyon post conference Absolutely loved the way he handled the press conference. And love how he has transformed our side from being soft when it counts to a tough side to beat. Whether we make the finals or not, we probably...