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  1. picko

    Multiplat Fall Guys

    Yeah they've taken servers down to add more as they got overloaded. Was only meant to be for 30 mins, but that was >1 he ago
  2. picko

    Multiplat Wreckfest

    Anyone else grabbed this? Bit of fun that takes me back to my Destruction Derby days on PS1. Only $55 on PS Store. I've only a quick bash about so far, but it's reviewing pretty well.
  3. picko

    Multiplat F1 2016

    Just putting it out there, Baku is a ******* fun track to fly around
  4. picko

    wwe toy belts

    Anyone know of any online shops in Australia that sell these? Need to find one for a Buck's Party costume. There's a few on EBay (overseas though) and I know you can sometimes find them in Target, Toyworld etc, but I want either the Heavyweight Champion belt or an IC belt, not a Spinner belt...
  5. picko

    mystery "Norton" installation??

    Anyone seen this before? Was on my laptop last night, as I went to shut down, I noticed the 'new program installed' pop up. Not having installed anything I checked what was there and there was a folder called 'Norton'. There were a couple of options under the Norton folder (can't remember...
  6. picko

    Official Team Changes

    See FFC website IN: Palmer, Mayne, Ibbo OUT: Black, Solomon, Macca
  7. picko

    Lloyd on selwood...

    Selwood, head down over ball...lloyd charges through with the sole intention of taking out Selwood...Selwood turns slightly and Lloyd collects him in the shoulder. I'm sure nothing will come of it, but Crowley got a week for hitting the shoulder. Admittedly I only saw it once, but it seemed...