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  1. chickentendies

    Universal Love Post ITT whenever you support one of our major sponsors

    Posting for getting a zinger box with a popcorn chicken on the side
  2. chickentendies

    Scandal Tyson Stengle stood down for off field behaviour

    Have heard along the grapevine that there's photos of him with illicit substances (lol) circulating around social media Everyone in absolute shock as it turns out footy players do drugs
  3. chickentendies

    Strategy Exercises to strengthen Dusty's neck

    Dusty now has to fit 6 medallions around his neck, which is a massive concern for his neck muscles. Any ideas on exercises he can do to ensure he can wear all his medals?
  4. chickentendies

    Analysis The Richmond dynasty

    Where will it rank in the modern era?
  5. chickentendies

    Toast Mitch Georgiades'

    His dad kicked 8 goals on debut
  6. chickentendies

    Opinion Which H/A loss under Hinkley has been the most embarassing?

    So now we have quite the repertoire of losses built up under Hinkley, I think its time we begin to wonder which one has honestly been the worst. I'm trying to decide myself currently, is it: - The loss to Brisbane in 2015 - The loss to Carlton in 2015 - The loss to GWS by 86 points in 2016 -...
  7. chickentendies

    Prediction Full credit to the opposition

    They played really well tonight. Yeah nah we just lacked effort tonight. Nah nothing in incident Y, yeah player X will be really disappointed in their effort but gotta take it one week at a time and full credit, the opposition came to play.
  8. chickentendies

    Magic Beans

    Got some available hmu if keen xx
  9. chickentendies

    News New goalposts for Alberton Oval! I think a few people here have been screaming out for this: but they're finally here! I've made a thread for this as I'm genuinely curious to see if this will aid with our goalkicking in the long run. I've always...