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  1. Purple_Turtle

    2021 Young Talent Time

    What's the best thing to do the day after AFL Christmas? Start discussing AFL Christmas next year. AFL Draft Central are already releasing a bit on the top prospects for next year.
  2. Purple_Turtle

    Welcome to Freo- Josh Treacy (Rookie Pick 7)
  3. Purple_Turtle

    Reassessing the Tim Kelly Trade

    So that's Pick 14, 24 and 34 in 2019 and pick 11 this year to Geelong for a final premiership push before falling off a cliff, only to do worse than last year. What a joke.
  4. Purple_Turtle

    North Melbourne to sack Kanga and Ruby?

    First Ben Brown, then Jade Rawlings, and now the mascots? Are North going too far?
  5. Purple_Turtle

    Who's closer to their next premiership: Carlton or Freo?

    Saw this comparison from Ross Lyon on Footy Classified: On the 2020 ladder these two teams were separated by 0.6%. On game-day 4 points in an after-the-siren shot where a free kick was given to the wrong player ten metres closer to goal. Is one team actually closer to a flag than the other...
  6. Purple_Turtle

    Carlton Further Away From Finals Than Freo?

    Imagine buying Jack Martin and Eddie Betts in the offseason and talking up your final hopes only to finish .6% ahead of the team that lost Brad Hill and Ed Langdon in the offseason and having the media use that teams performances as the rationale for saying you're weak as piss and nowhere near...
  7. Purple_Turtle

    Will Dodoro be at Essendon in 2030? Damian Barrett is saying some questions are being asked of Dodoro within Essendon due the clubs failure to win a final since 2004. Is Dodoro no longer certain to continue his wonderful list-management of...
  8. Purple_Turtle

    Review Positives and Negatives against Geelong

    Not our best night out. + Serong. Special shout-out, and I'll be ******* livid if he doesn't get the Rising Star nom. 22 disposals, 7 tackles and a goal, while lining up for a decent part of the match on Danger and reducing his influence. + The young mids. We got beaten, but some good games by...
  9. Purple_Turtle

    Ross Lyon: Will He Coach Again?

    He hasn't ruled out coaching again, and has been approached by teams like Adelaide after being sacked by Freo. I don't think you necessarily want him around the club long-term, but for an under-performing team like GWS with a strong list he could be a really good option to push for a premiership.
  10. Purple_Turtle

    Review Positives and Negatives vs Adelaide - Round 5 2020

    Positives: 1. We won. 2. Brayshaw. 3. People who think Brayshaw is terrible getting a reality check. 4. Awesome game from Griffin Logue. Negatives: 1. Adelaide threw that away. Very lucky to win. I'll probably have some more thoughts when I settle down a bit. So good to hear the team song...
  11. Purple_Turtle

    Prediction Best 22 of the Future (Post-Rebuild)

    Presuming we wipe out the guys 27+ on our list what does our B/22 look like, presuming the younger ones have hit the ceilings we can reasonably expect them to? There's been some doubts raised over how the rebuild is going, so I thought this might be a fun exercise to see what pieces we've been...
  12. Purple_Turtle

    Review Positives and Negatives vs Gold Coast (R4 2020)

    + Young looks exceptional. + Serong gives me a good feeling. + Disposal efficiency is up. + Hogan had a much better game. - Second quarter fade out - Inability to score in the last when we were going forward. 0.1 is a terrible return, even without Fyfe. - Our work on centre-bounces is trash.
  13. Purple_Turtle

    ISC Quits AFL So what happens now? Who replaces ISC for us?
  14. Purple_Turtle

    2020 Melt Thread - Stolen Premiership Edition

    Here's a good start: The AFL is run by a bunch of campaigners with no spine and no brains. Why the fu** would you go for a 3 week AFLW finals campaign when it's doubtful you'll even be able to play one week? Cause 6 teams would be salty they wouldn't get to play finals? Tell them to suck it up...
  15. Purple_Turtle

    What Went Wrong: Richmond and West Coast

    Richmond and West Coast this season have been a fair pace off the rest of the competition, including their fellow expansion teams. What is to blame for the mediocrity of these teams? Was it their list management? Poor coaching? Effort from players? Are they just doing the best they can given...