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  1. Shagga is all Class

    Toast Burgoyne finals

    Excuse me for imposing on your board but I would like to see some goo about Burgoyne about to play his 30th final. If I have missed something then please direct me to the goo. Goodes just retired on 28. Hallelujah!
  2. Shagga is all Class

    Rumour Scott 2 more years

    Just read an article on Fox Sports indicating Scott is going to get signed until the end of 2018.
  3. Shagga is all Class

    Toast Tackling

    02:50 to go 3rd quarter. This could also double up as a roast on the umpires. Watson nailed by Firrito. Meyers tackled twice and nailed by Gibson. Hocking next open one handed slap to Ryder off the ground. Eventually Wells bumps off a player off the ball to pick up and release a handball to...
  4. Shagga is all Class

    Meet Up Ricky Ponting Huddle Dinner - Sofitel Friday 08/08/2014

    One of our coteries, Inspire which supports the Huddle is hosting Ricky Ponting as its guest speaker for their gala dinner at the Sofitel, Friday 08/08/2014. Cocktail and dinner affair. 7.30pm to ~ 11.30pm. Open to all - even non North people. $145 a ticket or $1,300 table of ten...
  5. Shagga is all Class

    List Mgmt. Goldstein

    Looks like Goldy ain't going anywhere according to the NMFC website. In talks to sign up again.
  6. Shagga is all Class

    Power of 3

    Pretty obvious posters are happy with the prospect of Wells, Harvey, NDS and only one tag. North will probably take the tag from time to time directly to HBF or HFF where the tagger will not get the help in the midfield from the blocking, tackling and general congestion. We could win all three...
  7. Shagga is all Class

    Hope Urch hasn't been hanging around the club

    A former AFL player targeted in a joint police drug operation has pleaded guilty to trafficking and possessing cocaine. Callum Urch, 29, who played eight games with North Melbourne, was arrested last March after investigators intercepted his phone and began following him. Melbourne Magistrates...
  8. Shagga is all Class

    Opinion We are the anti-Geelong the almost team of all

    Geelong find a way to win and we find a way to lose. Probably the best 3 and 5 team I can remember with an amazing run of luck every time we get 3 or 4 goals up. A lot of which is our own doing. Ziebell and Cunnington are showing more. Lmac, BMac and a full salary cap would be handy.
  9. Shagga is all Class

    Toast K Hunt

    Nice goal. Thanks for keeping us in the 8. Bad luck Tigers.
  10. Shagga is all Class

    Shoulda gone to the GC...?

    The obligatory statement (not ?) made by every NMFC knocker surely would have come out of the woodwork en masse had Gazza pulled 2 more goals out his rectum or gifted a couple more free goal side runs. The real question is how bad would we have been on and off field as a makeshift relocated...
  11. Shagga is all Class

    2006 Draft

    Our first non-recycled draft (Edwards aside) seems to have paid off. The last # is the number of games currently played. North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL Draft Picks 2006 National 1 3 Lachlan Hansen North Melbourne 46 National 2 21 Gavin Urquhart North Melbourne 40 National 3 37 Todd...
  12. Shagga is all Class


    Find out what it means to me? We play like Urethra Franklin who have no Lance. Bunch of girls who wail in the media about respect and then prove they are just taking the piss and like Urethra they sit down to piss.
  13. Shagga is all Class

    Crowd Ticker - Ds, Dogs, Roos

    Average home and away crowds as at Rd 4 for the 3 clubs that many seem to take potshots at based on a single attendance figure. Melbourne Home 27821 Away 29046 Bulldogs Home 31751 Away 37731 North Melbourne Home 37114 Away 39292
  14. Shagga is all Class

    Armbands & 50K

    Just saw you can get "Blue and White Unite - Here to Stay" wristbands and a raffle ticket for $5 at home games to be in for a chance at $50K. What did our previous admin ever do? All proceeds to the club as well.
  15. Shagga is all Class

    Gillon McLachlan’s Blues – Spin Doctors – Pocket Full of Kraptonite

    (Jimmy Olsen’s Blues – Spin Doctors – Pocket Full of Kryptonite…reworded for the Caroline Wilson, Andrew Demetriou, Gillon McLachlan love triangle) I don’t think I can handle this Another day, Kangaroos still in Metropolis I think I’ll talk to my analyst I got it so bad for this not-so...
  16. Shagga is all Class

    Wanm - Crank It Up

    Perhaps we need to pull out the big ones with Fitzroy's last banner and remind everyone of what happened the last time a club was removed from Melbourne in boardroom theatrics and how a number of supporter's felt who were not part of the equation. Sure after Brisbane's flags the AFL ticked...
  17. Shagga is all Class

    Andrew Demetriou - Fat Bloated Warthog

    Please feel free to join the new Andy D hate clan at:
  18. Shagga is all Class

    Expansion How will North's relocation help Melb clubs?

    Just curious how the Cold Ghost Demetri-Roos would help Melb clubs. Can't see it getting any easier to squeeze a dollar out of Ian Collins if the dome loses a tenant permanently. Drop 5,000 easy when you draw them at home. The 30662 for Melbourne home game at the G would probably drop to...
  19. Shagga is all Class

    Ladder, Fixture

    Assuming we can beat Richmond, we should be in good stead in the 8 with this week: Ade v Haw Ess v Gee West B v Port Syd v Frem Bulldogs have a very tough run in the next few weeks so I am hoping they beat Port. Loser of Sydney and Freo will be in trouble.
  20. Shagga is all Class

    Laidley Countdown - 22 rounds to go

    Horse, yer sir, I like it! I like it alot. Laidley has not got a job next year, simple as that. Hay and Thommo gone before the start of the season, his recruits and he is not a game day coach and this is his 5th year. Like the recruiting last year and the new gameplan and we will still...