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  1. Androo

    Glad to be back

    10 years ago I had my email server shutdown, losing my posting abilities on Bigfooty. But thanks to Chief, I'm back.
  2. Androo

    Hawthorn footy trip

    Is it true that Hawthorn will be sending their players to three different locations for thier footy trip based on player experience and knowledge of the club culture? Rookies and young players will be sent to Jamaica to to get a better understanding of and an easing into the "the family club"...
  3. Androo

    Herald Sun Dream Team site

    I can't get this site to work today, is anyone else having the same problem?
  4. Androo

    Idea for the Melbourne V Carlton game.

    I think that both teams should move the ball the wrong way, and try to score behinds for the opposition, that way there will still be a hard at it contest, and the best team on the day will get what they want..... A loss.:D Would be an interesting game to watch, not sure what to do with...
  5. Androo

    What happened to teen fit camp?

    My wife watched this show each week and is upset that it seems to have disappeared. Has it been axed?
  6. Androo

    Is Buckley Selfish???

    This is not a Collingwood bashing thread. Considering his history of bad hammies and inability to play on a regular basis for over 2 years now, why will he not give up the captaincy? Compare him to James Hird, who admitted that his best was probably behind him and moved over for his club to...
  7. Androo

    Who Have we Promoted?

    I have obviously missed who we have promoted now that thompson has had to go onto the long term injury list. Anyone care to enlighten me?
  8. Androo

    Bohemian Rhapsody 30 years on

    apparently yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the UK release. ONe of my earliest childhod memories (at 5) was watching this song on countdown and my older brother yelling out "this is my favourite bit, it sounds like the sweet" during the hard rock section. Great song Great band. :)
  9. Androo

    member survey

    is anyone else having trouble logging onto the survry site? everytime i put in my member code and password and hit the button the screen just refreshes or am i just dumb?