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  1. thepokey

    Coach Ben Rutten: Senior Coach

    Saad just wouldn't have been able to feed his family on the amount we were paying him :(
  2. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Draft Watch 2020

    Great troll from Dodo
  3. thepokey

    Rumour Best football related rumour you have heard from someone you trust

    Neroli has been around the block a few times with a fair few names hasn't she?
  4. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII

    Cupido is definitely different to those who we lump in the "lets have a laugh at them" basket like Zantuck. The difference is that Cupido had massive potential, he *could* have been a club legend whereas some of those other blokes mentioned ... no, they could never be that. Even if the ultimate...
  5. thepokey

    News Paul Brasher, Club President

    The empowerment type approach seems great and like it was the right idea in 2016/2017 for a club in crisis. With a bunch of players that had just been through hell. A young group left on their own in 2016 and a group finding their feet again in 2017. If you took too hard a line with them then...
  6. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII

    Wonder if we do pick up Kyle Dunkley as a sign that we will give Josh another crack next year and keep him purely interested in us and not anyone else
  7. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII

    Gonna assume since the Dogs have Treloar and now Stef Martin that Dunkley is in an even more awkward spot for them. So probably bides his time and requests another trade at the end of next year .. except since we f’ed it up this time he probably ends up at ******* Geelong or Richmond
  8. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Adrian Dodoro

    If Dodo f’ed up getting Dunkley and 2 of our 3 top 10s end up being busts then he's got to go
  9. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII

    I still reckon work out what it'll take from the dogs to get Dunkley, then make it happen with Carlton. If thats 7+8 or 7+Carlton's future 1st, whatever. Its a lot for Dunkley but this is one of those occasions unlike say, Shiel, where i'm actually ok with it.
  10. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII

    That's sort of my point. Shiel = a great player, but wasn't actually what we were crying out for at the time. Whereas Dunkley, I mean, he's just what we need. We haven't had that since 2015 when Jobe was last at his best.
  11. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII

    Honestly if we end up with 7 and 8 and thats what it takes for the Bulldogs to give up Dunkley then I say go for it. We've traded in players which might be good players but not exactly what we have been crying out for. This time its exactly the sort of player we need and in the right age range...
  12. thepokey

    Opinion Which club do you hate the most?

    Richmond Daylight More Daylight Carlton Hawthorn Collingwood Geelong West Coast The rest im eh about
  13. thepokey

    Universal Love Dr Bruce Reid - Essendon Legend, Rest in Peace

    My only interaction with Doc Reid was randomly waiting at the lights in the CBD one day. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and also had a $20 note in there which came out with it. I didnt feel it but I got a tap on the shoulder saying "this fell out of your pocket" and Doc handed me my $20...
  14. thepokey

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII

    Its hard to see Dunkley happening, but fu** .. throw everything we can at it. We have traded in good players but arguably none we *really* needed for awhile. Dunkley is exactly what we need and in the right age bracket to - go all in. And if we can get 2MP and Caldwell as well, I'll consider...
  15. thepokey

    Autopsy Grand Final: Richmond vs Geelong, Gabba, Saturday 24/10/2020, 7:30 AEDT

    2020 truly is the worst when it forces me to barrack for Geelong
  16. thepokey

    News Paul Brasher, Club President

    The fabric of the footy club is falling apart :'(
  17. thepokey

    Traded #42: Adam Saad - Traded to Carlton for pick 8 (with some junk picks)

    If he wants more money and more years, give it to him. People can complain about that adding to the precedence of players holding clubs over a barrel but in this case, good. You play your heart out like him even when we are in the shits and you put in great performances - you get the reward for it.
  18. thepokey

    Prediction 2020 Crichton Medal - Congratulations Jordan Ridley!

    Julian De Stoop is so under prepared for this
  19. thepokey

    Player Watch #43: Anthony "Walla" McDonald-Tipungwuti

    It really hurt to see people ripping into Walla. Leave that to Richmond fans to eat their own. He was a brain fade seconds into a game we lost by nearly 70 points. It didn't cost us the game, just a thing that happened. Agreed with others saying Walla has been a bright spark in a dark period...
  20. thepokey

    Autopsy RND 16: Pussy Whipped

    Lots of learnings this week, so that's an upside!