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    Traded Ryan Griffen + Pick 6 traded for Tom Boyd

    Griffen has asked for a trade to GWS
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    News Bell re-signs for 2 years Carlton midfielder Tom Bell has joined the growing number of younger Blues to recommit to the Club this season. Bell has signed a two-year contract extension, keeping him at Carlton until at least the end of 2016...
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    Eddie Betts or Steve Mckee?

    Trent Knobel was our priority, but Richmond picked him,” Hughes said. “We were looking for a ruckman, but when Terry Wallace (the then Richmond coach) told Knobel they were going to pick him, I rang Steve McKee, who was then training at Richmond, to tell him that we would be considering him. But...
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    Email from the Club

    Has anyone just received a email from the club asking you to confirm or update your details for the chance to win a trip to Europe with Etihad airways. The email address looks dodgy and they are asking for your DOB, address, mobile number etc. It has the full I am Carlton header but just...
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    Carlton statues

    With the unveiling of Warney's statue at the MCG today it got me thinking that the club should honour a few of our greats and have statues made and placed at the entrance to Princes Park. Do you think this would be a good idea and who do you think would me most worthy? For me I would love to...
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    WA public holiday this weekend

    I guess this is mainly for eagles and dockers supporters but WA have a public holiday this monday (Labour day). Victoria have Queens birthday the following weekend with the pies v dees playing on the monday. Who thinks it would be a good idea for Monday night football in Perth this weekend...
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    Finals match winner

    Who do does everyone think will be the one to stand up in the finals and be our finals wildcard - the match winner. I imagine a lot of people will go safe and say if Judd gets 30 or waite kicks 4 we will win. My wildcard for the finals is Paul Bower, he is really struggling at the moment but...
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    Roast Last drinks called at Naughton's

    A PART of Melbourne dies on Friday - the Naughton's Hotel in Parkville is calling last drinks. A mainstay to university students, political apparatchiks and Carlton footy teams, Naughton's - built in 1873 - was more than a pub, it was a part of Melbourne's fabric...
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    Blues News from 1987

    My old man was having a clear out of his home office over the weekend and found 'Blues News' the official newsletter of Carlton from 1987. Some great articles including "Kernahan our new captain" which describes Sticks as the brawny, handsome Carlton centre half forward. Other articles...
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    Toast The Tractor

    With all the bad news around the club over the last few days involving Robbo, Eddie, Tex and Hoops I thought I would start a positive thread. After receiving the Carlton Yearbook in the post yesterday, I had a good read of the article on Matty Kruezer and in particular the section which Gibbsy...
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    Last man standing

    As I am sick and tired of people complaining about who we did or didn't pick up yesterday I thought I would try and have a bit of fun. Now that Marcus Davies looks like one tough mutha I want to hear people's thoughts on who they think would be the last one standing if all our current players...
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    New rookie list rule changes???

    To get away from the fev show for a little bit, has any one heard of any changes to rookie list & draft? Brad Hardie mentioned a change on radio last night that will be announced in november but would not say what the change was. They were discussing Tony Notte from the eagles and how he...
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    GF Day sweepstakes - Help needed

    I have been roped into organising the GF day sweepstakes at my mates GF party but looking for different ideas or things people have done in the past. I will be doing the usual Norm Smith, 1st goal, winning team and margin but looking for something a little different. Any thoughts?
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    News Ross Young - Sandover Medal

    Well done to former Carlton player Ross Young on winning the sandover medal last night as the best and fairest in the WAFL. Another former Carlton player Luke Blackwell came second playing for claremont.
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    News Tough nut earns respect By Steve Butler For Carlton speedster Steven Browne, it was hard enough being torn from his WA roots as a no-frills teenager to pursue his sporting dream. But Blues coach Brett Ratten revealed this week that the widening gap...
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    Blues coverage in WA this week

    Does anyone know if any pubs in perth will be showing the blues v roos game this sunday as it is not on fox or 7.
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    The Browne Dog

    Really impressed with the way Stevie Browne has performed this year, first time in a few years a new draftee apart from our numbr 1 pick who has had such a good first season. I think he will turn into a really good option through the midfield. He is also a product of the mighty whitford...
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    Garry Moss - where is he at?

    just wondering where garry moss is at he moment? used to watch him play over here for east perth but have not seen his name mentioned much?
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    Bit of help for a WA blue

    Gday boys and girls, I am heading over to melbourne for round 17 and need some advice. As our game against the doggies is their home game where is the best place to sit at the dome as a carlton supporter. Dont really want to be stuck in the middle of the dogs cheer squad! Cheers for your...
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    Eagles to Trade

    On the back of the west australian on saturday they headline was " the eagles to trade out of trouble" and listed a number of players who they may look to trade at seasons end. Josh Kennedy was not on the list but was wondering if he wanted to come back to princes park and the eagles were...