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  1. nicko74

    Analysis Random NORTH thoughts not worthy of a thread

    Wasn't sure where to post this so created a thread instead. Surely this is a joke. Fox Sports top 10 key defenders with no R Tarrant in sight...... Laughable...
  2. nicko74

    Nick Bowens list assessment

    Anybody read his assessment of our list on AFL.COM? Pretty good I thought
  3. nicko74

    Positives/Negatives v Port

    Positives Tarrant settled the Taz v Tippet debate Jacobs was ok Thomas is a jet So is Swallow So is Goldstein Brown is a keeper So is Wood Negatives Bastinac is a spud We lost Atley is over rated on this board We need Hansen
  4. nicko74

    Watching Friday's game in Perth

    Just wondering if any NM supporters are getting together on Friday night at a pub to watch the big game? I am keen to watch it with other vocal supporters. Go the MIGHTY ROOS
  5. nicko74

    Our Tackling

    Just like to know what people think? We recruited an apparent tackling guru in the off season but do you think we have improved in this area? Geelong seemed to walk through quite a lot of tackles last night. I for one don't think there has been much improvement in this area.
  6. nicko74

    Our Coach WTF!!! Surely he is delusional! I want him to be a successful coach with us but surely even he can see Goldy is tired. And he thinks Goldy has been beaten only once this year, by Kreuzer.... I think not! IMO he got touched up against...
  7. nicko74

    Ken Hinkley

    Did we interview him? Seems a good coach
  8. nicko74

    Get Dale Garlett!

    Title says enough! If we get L Mac for a second rounder, we should go hard for him! Tearing it up in the WAFL! Couldn't give a sh*t about his history. Has serious X factor and kicks goals! Would love to see him in Blue n White
  9. nicko74

    Phoning the Club

    I read on here yesterday that a few people had or were intending to ring the club, regarding our performance. Is that actually possible? If so, who takes the calls? And do they actually relay your message, if it is actually worth relaying that is.
  10. nicko74

    Save our game!

    Is there any possible way to get these clowns to change the way they adjudicate? It is a ******* disgrace and IMO ruining the game. Well respected figures in Tim Watson, Chris Scott and Longmire, amongst others have openly said it is a joke and can't believe Ziebel was rubbed out. that is just...
  11. nicko74

    Cam Delaney

    Where is this guy? Haven't heard a thing about him since pre-season!! Is he injured or something? Thought he may have played a few games this year.
  12. nicko74

    Ricciuto's top 50

    1. Gary Ablett (GCS) 2. Taylor Walker (Adel) 3. Scott Pendlebury (Col) 4. Lance Franklin (Haw) 5. Patrick Dangerfield (Adel) 6. Jobe Watson (Ess) 7. Dane Swan (Col) 8. Joel Selwood (Gee) 9. Josh Kennedy (Syd) 10. Adam Goodes (Syd) 11. Trent Cotchin (Ric) 12. Dayne Beams (Col) 13. Nathan Fyfe...
  13. nicko74

    Marquee Player!

    Threads like this have probably been done before, but who do you believe will be our next "Marquee Player"? By that I mean, the sort of guy you can build a whole team around. Like Carey back in the day and say Franklin for Hawthorn. Your go to man when the chips are down. Do you think they are...
  14. nicko74

    Who now?

    Are we going to go after anybody else you think? Josh Toy? But he has heart problems. Do you think we need to get people in to improve enough to win finals?
  15. nicko74

    Dean Cox-Protected Species?

    Don't get me wrong, a great player. But he gets alot of 50/50 free kicks, especially at Subiaco. I've watched a few of their games this year and it happens regularly.
  16. nicko74

    What If?

    People probably don't want to think about it, but what do you think would happen if we happen to get beaten this weekend? Would that be the end of BS? Would JB walk? I think we should win comfortably but I guess you just never know....
  17. nicko74

    Leon Cameron

    He still wants a job as a head coach. Alot of people calling for B Scotts head around here. If we were to change coaches we could do alot worse than him IMO.
  18. nicko74


    I have been thinking about our team alot lately, even more so after the weekend debacle. I am just curious to know what people think. Do we have enough talent on our list to improve from within or do we need to trade for specific types? You look at Adelaide and West Coast who haven't really made...
  19. nicko74

    Season over

    That's a FACT!!!! We are absolute rubbish!!!!!
  20. nicko74

    we are just no good

    Thread title says it all. Full list to choose from and getting belted by a WB side missing key players. We suck! Game plan...... What game plan!