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  1. pulpdriver

    Who would win?

    Five AFL players of your choice vs a grizzly bear. Pick the players, also I'm pretty sure the bear will still win.
  2. pulpdriver

    Toast Where will Zorko be regarded among Lions greats?

    Great player. Watching a media vid the other day made me think about how much he's grown as a leader which lead me to wonder about his career as a whole. Late starter that had an immediate impact and has been consistently among our best players since debut. How will he be regarded when he hangs...
  3. pulpdriver

    Do AFL supporters have an inner monologue? It's shocking and disturbing to me how many people do not but let's hear it.
  4. pulpdriver

    Bigfooty rivalries

    What's the best or strangest you've seen? Player, club, poster, whatever. Can I also ask as to why North and Bombers posters here hate each other so much? It's a rivalry I've never seen play out anywhere but here.
  5. pulpdriver

    Best individual performance of 2020

    Title explains it. What was it? For me, have to say Hawkins against Port. Love seeing a key forward dominate and that was as dominant as a performance as you'll see. He looked invincible and as a neutral it was exciting every time he did something. runners up: Lachie Neale vs Bulldogs Bont vs...
  6. pulpdriver

    Expansion AFL overtaking NRL in QLD

    What would it take? Could this covid season be the precursor? Two QLD teams, both competitive, one likely a top 4 team The Courier Fail owned NRL team being less than garbage A Grand Final in QLD? Could the seeds laid be enough?
  7. pulpdriver

    Just admit it, Mitch Robinson is your second favourite player

    We all know it
  8. pulpdriver

    Toast Get your Lyons for nothing and your chicks for free

    Had a fantastic year and a monumental six weeks. Will probably be top 5 in the B & F at in a top 4 side. What the fu** were the Suns thinking letting him go?
  9. pulpdriver

    AFL Game of Thrones Week: Supercoach Edition

    So the AFL doing a Game of Thrones week. I'm sure it has nothing to do with major sponsor Foxtel being the primary distributor of legal GoT in Australia. Well, we can only resist it for so long, so how is everyone feeling about GoT just about to wrap up?
  10. pulpdriver

    The Soundtrack to your Supercoach situation

    What music best summarises your current Supercoach situation? Tonight I watched Yeo and Cog get tagged into oblivion in the same game and this was playing in my head a few times.
  11. pulpdriver

    List Mgmt. McFadyen and Fullarton extend until 2021
  12. pulpdriver

    The Super Berry Bros, Welcome to the Den, Tom!

    According to wikipedia these are the Berry Brothers No longer, these are the new Berry Brothers Welcome to the Lions, Tom.
  13. pulpdriver

    Roast Death-Riding 2019: Collingwood, Gold Coast and Fremantle

    Pick Watch Pies pick: Pick 17 Suns pick: Pick 19 Freo pick: Pick 47 Assuming none of these future picks are traded draft night or earlier looks like we'll have three teams to enjoy watching in 2019 as we celebrate their lows, blows and hurdles. Let the death-riding begin!
  14. pulpdriver

    List Mgmt. AFL free agency rules revealed

    Trade and FA thread was closed but thought this would interest a few peeps so posting here. Secret herbs and spices of the FA formula apparently revealed. Seems we may have been very close to getting that pick 2...
  15. pulpdriver

    JLT Series

    I saw nowhere to discuss the games just generally. Granted we're a week away from real footy it still seems a bit weird. This is a place to discuss anything, and particularly, anyone that interested you from the pre season games.
  16. pulpdriver

    Prediction Which Lion will debut in 2018 first?

    Which one of these guys will be the first to play an AFL game?
  17. pulpdriver

    Prediction You won't believe how good ____________ will be in 2018

    Who is your prediction for going to the next level in 2018? No one can deny we've got bundles of talent on this list but who is gonna take that next step? Who is gonna explode into the next level? For me, it's McStay. In terms of raw talent, he's probably in the top 3 on our list. He has speed...
  18. pulpdriver

    Operation Port Adelaide Semi Finals

    I don't care if they've beaten no top 8 sides, no one of note and we directly benefit from them losing. imo we should be hoping they make it to then semis.
  19. pulpdriver

    Universal Love Lions B&F (Live streamed) Not too far away and didn't see a thread. What do we think? Tough competition with AA Zorks likely to take his 3rd BF in a row. Will Beams strong finish to the season be enough to top or tie? What are your predictions? MM medal...