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  1. And_ROOS

    Off-topic WADA tells Russians in sport everywhere to GAGF

    Russia banned from all global sport including 2020 OIympics and 2022 World Cup finals. Essendon fans, come in here and commiserate with your fellow drug cheats until they get off on appeal in 21 days time. James Hird and the Essendon 34 in happier times.
  2. And_ROOS

    Analysis Marvel Stadium aka The Etihad aka Colonial and its turf.

    Has this ground ever had a month go by where a complaint isn't made either about the pitch, the roof being opened, or the sun coming into the stadium due to the direction it was built in? And more importantly, would the AFL entertain spending a significant chunk of money to change the stadium...
  3. And_ROOS

    The Richmond Supporters Safe House Thread

    It's ok Richmond. You need shelter from all the black and white noise for the next 5 months or so, so please come in here. No one has to bring up that you lost the unlosable match. Or that you have gifted one of three average teams a Premiership. So here is a safe space for you all to gather...
  4. And_ROOS

    $ydney $wans last quarter.

    Struggled in the end there, maybe all that COLA gave them diabetes and their legs fell off? Should have used that Buddy money on better health insurance.
  5. And_ROOS

    Anyone else watching Rick and Morty?

    Very dark and funny, currently watching the Mr Meeseeks episode. Big big fan.
  6. And_ROOS

    Home & Garden Changing providers Elec and Gas

    Couldn't find a straight answer and sick of being on hold, was wondering if there is a charge to change electricity and or gas providers. One website says yes, another says no. I am not sure which one is lying and when i called i got answering machines and computers.
  7. And_ROOS

    Opinion Your passmark for 2014

    Expectations people. We all have them. We expect our team to be competitive. We expect this club to hold itself in the manner we have become accustomed to. Some of us expect too much. Others too little. So time for some opinions on the matter until this lull known as preseason ends and the...
  8. And_ROOS

    Enright's epic handballs

    Part of our drinking game, did one last week and one again tonight, meaning a skull of our drinks. Awesome to watch or am i the only one who notices this?
  9. And_ROOS

    Travel Recommended flight companies.

    Travelling to the UK in April, figure this could be a good review thread for people and would love to hear good and bad stories, maybe rate the companies out of 10. At the moment, looking at flying Emirates. Will fly from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi then onto London. Has anyone flown with them...
  10. And_ROOS

    Worst coaching decisions

    The other thread had potential, but was rubbish, but i felt the idea a few people mentioned in the thread had legs. Worst coaching decisions that either lead to a loss or severely contributed to crippling a team or that just plain baffled you. To start ill throw up Luke Ball, who along...
  11. And_ROOS

    All this talk of a Collingwood dynasty...

    ... has me thinking, if the GC were giving such advantages to poach from Geelong, are Collingwood fans concerned by GWS coming in when your team should theoretically be at its strongest and blatantly stealing your best players and coaching staff?
  12. And_ROOS

    Goldeneye Wii

    Yup, just announced at the nintendo press conference and deserves its own thread because it is easily one of the top 3 games of all time in my opinion. Heres hoping this remake does it justice.
  13. And_ROOS

    Geelong back where they belong

    Thanks for keeping top spot warm for us, May premiers, but CoLOLingwood were never much chop anyway. I just hope we get another easy Preliminary final from you guys again ;)
  14. And_ROOS

    Need advice on Crown Melbourne.

    Heading there this weekend for a birthday, what are the best places to go to in there? Prefer the bar scene over nightclubs to be honest. Any advice?
  15. And_ROOS

    Buying a new PC and TV (noob question)

    Looking at a 42"+ size LCD tv, and buying a new gamespec pc, was wonder how to get the best results in connecting them. Just plug it in as you would a monitor, or any specific cables i should use etc etc? Im new to this LCD craze and haven't the faintest about it all. But space in my room is...
  16. And_ROOS

    3 weeks...

    Til we get a dvd :D
  17. And_ROOS

    Round 4 Geelong Vs Adelaide Review

    First time, so be gentle. Sorry about the lateness, had to watch the match replay and life had a tendency to bring up annoying matters. Enjoy!
  18. And_ROOS

    Moved Thread AFL Round 4 Adelaide v Geelong Review (Geelong perspective)

    First time, so be gentle. Sorry about the lateness, had to watch the match replay and life had a tendency to bring up annoying matters. Enjoy!
  19. And_ROOS

    Milburn out for next week...

    Seems he got leather poisoning in that first term. 19 first-quarter touches, overtaking Tiger Wayne Campbell's 17 (i think) effort in 2001. Can't believe some in the media wanted him to retire at one point.