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  1. The Ian PrenderCast

    The Ian Prendercast

    That... that was not good. We spoke about it as best we could. There's all the usual review show shenanigans: chicken salads, chicken shits, Prendas updates - they're just tinged with nihilistic despair. Apple...
  2. The Ian PrenderCast

    The Ian Prendercast Presents: Game of Rivals

    Hi all, Hope everyone's well and looking forward to the season resuming. In the meantime, we've put together the first of (maybe, they take a while to make) a series of acerbic and erratic deep dives into our history, focusing on players and rivals. It's intended as a longer form piece...
  3. The Ian PrenderCast

    The Ian Prender-Cast Drought Draft

    Good afternoon everyone, A couple mates and I have started a little podcast, as much for our own enjoyment as anything else. Generally speaking we talk sport, but being that we're (largely) Carlton fans - the name of the show might've given that away - we sat down last night and put our shared...