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  1. Slipps

    Racing All Star Mile 2020

    With the voting only a few weeks away thought i may aswell get a thread started who everyone will be voting for. The nominations current to December 20th I think it will either be Melody Belle or Kolding for me... but Kolding isn’t nominated as yet.
  2. Slipps

    Last Round trades

    Last round of the year ive got one trade left seems a no brainer... Hoff > Buddy for his 300th. My last year of DT dont really enjoy it as much anymore so this is Adios from me 👋
  3. Slipps

    Round 11 trades

    With Rocky done with a hammy and i have no cover at all i can trade him to anyone ive got 100k in the bank im leaning towards Gaff or Fiorini
  4. Slipps

    Prediction Perce Bentley Curse

    I caught i little bit of the talk on SEN the other day talking about the Perce Bentley curse he put on Collingwood i just wanted to know the correct story of it but i heard he said Collingwood will never beat Richmond in a final again and the last time they beat us in a final was 1937 is this...
  5. Slipps

    Round 19 Discussion

    De Goey out for two might hurt some... If Ryder doesnt get up my loophole Captain Willie Frampton might get a gig just after the thursday games finish :D
  6. Slipps

    Prediction Premiership hangover is it real ?

    Just wanted peoples thoughts on this seems like alot of the boys have still been partying alot.. races etc i know they deserve it but they do get paid alot of money to play football not to party and i did hear hodgey say they made the mistake after 2008 for partying longer than they should have....
  7. Slipps

    Opinion CLASH JUMPER

    I actually really like the clash jumper maybe we should just wear that all the time then no one will complain ever again !! It might be the start of a good omen for our dynasty coming up... Don't really get how to do the GIF thing :( lebron.gif
  8. Slipps

    Round 9 Discussion Port Gold Coast bye week

    With Balic out may force a few different trades for people.. im bringing in Dusty myself need someone with the round 12 bye and Prestia coming back in this week should help Dustys scoring gonna take a punt on bringing in Llyod 1 game in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Slipps

    Opinion The Membership Scarf

    Just wanted others opinions on this i havent seen a decent members scarf since the 2013 one they are either to short or they just dont look any good at all... They are nothing like some of the other teams the misses barracks for Stkilda and there scarf is alot better than ours i still wear my...
  10. Slipps

    Round 17 captain and loopholes

    VC Hanners C Danger Tom Mitchell bench with the E Matho on field just in case Titch busts out one of his 50's
  11. Slipps

    Round 12 Captain

    Im thinking Cotch v suns this week hopefully him and Ablett go h2h again... Otherwise if i change it will be Rocky
  12. Slipps

    Round 11 El Capitano

    I think its an obvious choice for me this week Hanners
  13. Slipps

    Round 10 el capitano

    JJK come one down !
  14. Slipps

    Round 8 el capitan

    Who to captain this week im looking at the zorko zorko man i want to be a zorko man ! Tempted by heater thou vs gc thought about him a few weeks ago but couldnt bring myself to do it and he got 135
  15. Slipps

    Round 4 el capitan

    Im finding hard this week i was gonna stick with Hall but listening to Robbo on sen he said he could goto Hall considering his form might rough him up abit if he does unsure how he would cop a tag so might go back to Titch would love to give Danger a crack but it could be Dangerous that he may...
  16. Slipps

    Round 3 Captain

    Im being serious Hall as Captain next week v carlton
  17. Slipps

    To GAJ or not to GAJ that is the question...

    Just a quick poll just wanted to see peoples thoughts after getting burnt by him last year... But he also started off with a BANG!!
  18. Slipps

    round 21

    ne one captain gray ? :eek:
  19. Slipps

    Round 17 discussion

    Is lewis back almost wish i captained him now ! :eek: In all seriousness was never going to thou hope goldzilla comes through with the goods again
  20. Slipps

    Review Guy Mckenna

    Now that he has been sacked from gold coast which i think is a little bit harsh considering all the injuries and how young that team is without there captain for the last half of the season aswell... I think that we should be the first to get in there and pick him up as an assistant he has...