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  1. dogman

    Opinion Our Countdown Song - ie Port's Never Tear Us Apart

    Think Port are on an absolute winner with their "Never Tear Us Apart " countdown song. Sure it's a copy of the EPL but who cares. As an atmosphere builder and even a marketing perspective with the Scarves etc - terrific ! Was lucky enough to be at the MCG for the Liverpool rendition of "...
  2. dogman

    Collingwood "sniffing" around Libba

    In yesterday's Coverage ( before I muted the commentary ) Dwayne Russell mentioned that he had it on good authority that Collingwood were going to make a play for Libba. Haven't heard anything like this before - so was it a case of Russsell just shooting his mouth of as usual without any...
  3. dogman

    Changes V Melbourne Round 23

    Out - Austin , Addison , Cross In - Jones , Talia , Macrae
  4. dogman

    Changes Round 8 v Gold Coast

    Out Austin , Tutt , Cross In Stringer , MacRae , Goodes
  5. dogman

    James Sherry - Pathetic

    I have to get something off my chest that I have had for the past few years . Two parts - 1 Why we don't have a " real" Western Bulldogs person as our Stadium MC is beyond me . To have a guy that gets dressed up in the home teams gear and act like he's a supporter is pretty poor form IMO . It...
  6. dogman

    Williamstown V Casey 6pm Saturday Night - Casey Fields

    Williamstown B Lockwood Sing Masters HB Charleston Markovic Howard C Sherman Jolley Johnstone* HF Addison Cordy Grant F McCallum Campbell Pearce R C. Wood Wheeler Carr Int Redpath Anastasio Woods Roberts Nastasi Williams Casley Hunter Prudden
  7. dogman

    Williamstown v Werribee
  8. dogman

    Williamstown v Geelong

    Teams are up on the VFL website . No Hrvot ! Stringer , Roberts , Vez and Jong on extended bench someone may miss Williamstown B McCallum Markovic Austin HB Tutt Talia MacRae C Pearce Jolley Howard HF Sherman L. Williams McNamara F Campbell Redpath Wheeler R C. Wood Lockwood...
  9. dogman

    2013 Fixture to Calendar download

    The fixture is well and truly out . Anyone got any ideas where I can download our draw into my Calendar ? It's 2013 seem to be a bit behind - I would have thought something like this should be available a day or too after release . Also last year had wallpaper of our draw - cant find that either .
  10. dogman

    Williamstown Finals

    Can anyone post what listed players are eligible for the VFL finals . Remember last year a couple missed that had played seniors just prior because of he rules regarding numbers of AFL player numbers per team
  11. dogman

    Panos to debut this week - finally !

    Finally Matt Panos will be given an opportunity this week v Brisbane
  12. dogman

    Dwayne Russell worst commentator on Radio or TV

    Dwayne your an absolute shocker . You must have photos of someone at Fox to keep your gig surely . Why don't they recruit some new talent , Dwayne's a dud so is Glen Jackovich and Tony Shaw . Need to find some new blood for next year
  13. dogman

    Williamstown another bye . VFL draw -Mickey Mouse

    Understand the whole Foxtel Cup concept but it's ridiculous . Yet another bye with another lost opportunity to push for selection . The sooner we have our own VFL team ( don't care what it's called ) and the draw is aligned to the AFL the better for everyone
  14. dogman

    Mark Austin out for rest of year

    Fractured wrist apparently - bad luck . Gives Talia , Roberts or dare I say Panos a chance
  15. dogman

    Whats wrong with Peter German ?

    Whats the go with this guy . Did a great job with Willi this year winning the Foxtel Cup & Runners Up in the VFL yet he seems to be contantly overlooked for a bigger role - We get trumped by the Bombers for Egan , Looks like Laidley is going to the Saints - yet German is not talked about , any...
  16. dogman

    One Gamers - And dont start 1st gamers as Subs !

    Two things I need to get off my chest . Whats with this blooding young players - 1 game and thats it ? Skinner, Mulligan wheres the development in that ? Another thing imo , dont be starting 1st gamers as subs - they did it to Wallis ,and to Skinner ( so infact he has only played 1/2 game...
  17. dogman

    We need a stand alone Reserves Team - Next Year

    If we are serious about success we need a stand alone reserves team next year. Ayce Cordy fresh from his best game for Williamstown - missed out in Foxtel cup - Team Balance Matthew Panos kicks two bags of 4 including 4 out of 6 , then plays two Willi reserve games -Team Balance Vezpremi a...
  18. dogman

    Lake - needs to play senior footy

    Brian is a dual All - Australian for good reason, it is quite obvious the guy has a tremendous lack of confidence at the momemnt. In my opinion wasting away at Williamstown is a waste of time , keep playing him and get the footy in his hands - it will come. Even tonight he got better as the...
  19. dogman

    Eade uncertain future - affect on contract talks

    Do you think this is an issue ? With the uncertainty of Rockets future likely to drag on - do you think this will have an affect on our abilty to re-sign players - Cal Ward etc ?
  20. dogman

    Play Lake Forward

    We have had fleeting glimpses over the past few years - lets not die wondering . The next two weeks ( at least ) gives us the perfect opportunity to play Lake forward . We now have Markovic , who along with Williams can take the big power forwards this week Cloke & Dawes - lets release Brian up...