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    Preseason 2021

    Finally they've woken up and realised that they need to toughen up the team so have got rid of JJ
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    No Oppo Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 4

    Daw's not playing for them any more so we have a chance, he'll be pulling the best game of his crap career out of his a**e on Monday for the D's
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    Analysis Father Son Selections

    Great, another 204cm Ayce Cordy
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    What Would U Like See Against the Dees On Monday 8th March

    He's a bit old for the little league now
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    Rumour Willie Rioli allegedly caught tampering with a drug testing sample

    Give him a year or two and he'll get caught again
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    Bruce McAvaney retires from commentary

    At least there's one bright thing to look forward to this season, not having to listen to him
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    No Oppo Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 4

    Imagine how good he'd be if he played for a half decent football club
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    Non-AFL chat thread part 2

    Hang in there, its less than a month till football starts again
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    Preseason 2021

    Give them time, the Chinese sweat shop they employ to run the web site is busy at the moment trying to put the membership packs together, can't do two things at once.
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    Martin going to the Swans?

    I'm sure the AFL has their fingerprints all over this, the Buddy trade is turning out to be a disaster for one of their Sydney love children so they need to find some other big name player to fill the void to try even some minor interest in their bottomless money pit again.
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    Grand Slam Australian Open - Day 11

    She took the roids one match too early
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    News 2021 ASICS Bulldogs Guernsey Revealed

    A few more years and the AFL will have all teams jumpers looking like Rugby jumpers, endless advertising with no ability to see the teams actual colours.
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    Na, its finishing on Wednesday night to allow the underpaid tennis corporation to get money from the crowds for the semis starting on Thursday, but good chance the lockdown will start again the following Monday when the tennis has finished.
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    News 2021 ASICS Bulldogs Guernsey Revealed

    So the sweat shop in Cambodia couldn't get the proper jumpers finished in time but the clubs happy for everyone to spend up and buy one of these trial designs then spend up again to buy one of the sweat shop versions when they arrive.......... ah no thanks
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    Preseason 2021

    He needs to grow a set and not be afraid of physical contact
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    Preseason 2021

    Why hide the game from the supporters that propped up the club last year and paid for the holiday in QLD for the players and their wives/girlfriends, best mates and anyone else they could find to invite. Any game plans can't be secret when they are playing against another team.
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    Preseason 2021

    Timmys grown shoulders
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    Buddy Franklin 2021 watch - his "big" contract year

    Look who's trying to get into the Buddy "Mystery Injury" game At least both Buddy and Stringer have the same waist line measurements...
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    Buddy Franklin 2021 watch - his "big" contract year

    Shock, horror, guess who's injured again, must've been a big Australia Day week for Duddy
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    No Oppo Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 4

    Maybe when he was with Hawthorn but he's been a liability with the Swines, spends more time on the sidelines with "mystery injuries" than playing drawing a massive wage for doing SFA (which I don't mind, anything to send the Swines broke is a good thing)