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  1. La Dispute

    Uncontracted Adam Cerra [OOC 2021]

    OOC at the end of the year, and likely to generate a lot of interest from Vic-based clubs. What's he worth? One top 5 pick? I can see a club like Hawthorn offering him a decent deal, and they'll have the collateral to get a trade done.
  2. La Dispute

    2021 Music

    May as well kick off. Can’t say say I know many artists who are releasing LP’s this year, but surely there will be plenty given the iso situation last year. Any big or medium sized names with albums in the pipeline?
  3. La Dispute

    Listening to Music while Reading

    Anyone else do this? I know there’s plenty who find it distracting, but I find it’s similar to soundtracking a movie, and once you hit on the right combination of theme and book it enhances the experience by at least 20%. I remember reading 1984 and largely listened to Burial and Boards of...
  4. La Dispute

    Top 100 Albums

    Anyone else got a list? At The Drive-In – Relationship of Command The National – Alligator Radiohead – In Rainbows Brand New – The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me Isis - Panopticon Elliott Smith – Either/Or Between The Buried & Me - Colors Interpol – Turn On The...
  5. La Dispute


    Any fans of this band? I know they're basically a meme these days, but Sunbather remains an awesome album with some of the best moments I have heard in music. The other LP's are pretty good, and have some decent songs, but seem pretty disjointed. There's just way too many ideas and transitions...
  6. La Dispute

    Consistency in Music

    I realise this isn't an either/or thing, and bands that are consistent can also be high quality, but over time I've deviated away from artists I feel are almost too consistent but aren't especially creative and their albums don't contain a whole heap of high points. Fleet Foxes are a perfect...
  7. La Dispute

    Should Geelong and Richmond call this week a nil-all draw?

    To allow passionate Victorian footy fans and passionate pissheads the chance to have a BBQ the week after. With the daily average COVID cases still not allowing Sicktorians out and about, it's only fair both teams do the right thing and postpone the grand final a week by manufacturing a draw to...
  8. La Dispute

    Best 22 Party Players

    FB: Karl Norman Michael Johnson Daniel Chick HB: Karmichael Hunt Lachie Keefe Lachie Whitfield C: Brad Crouch Ben Cousins Lachie Hunter HF: Harley Bennell Lance Franklin Jack Watts FF: Tyson Stengle Brendan Fevola Willie Rioli RR: Shane Mumford Tom Liberatore Daniel Kerr INT: Brock McLean Chad...
  9. La Dispute

    Fleet Foxes

    Surprised there isn’t a stand-alone thread for these guys given they’ve been around for so long and released a few highly regarded albums, Hopelessness Blues being their standout. I guess on this board in particular we’ve become accustomed to homogenous thread covering everything in one hit...
  10. La Dispute

    Fremantle Under Longmuir

    Going to preface by saying I’ve seen maybe 3-4 games in total, but has anything changed from last year under Ross Lyon? Still seem ultra-defensive, can’t create play through the middle of the ground and seem to be treading water through another season. Granted they have gone through a minor...
  11. La Dispute

    Investment Into Artists

    Do you listen to a lot of different artists? Or listen to few, but know them intimately? I've come to realise over the past few years for close to a decade I'd taken to listening to music the wrong way around. I'd been listening to millions of different artists, trying albums like tasting wine...
  12. La Dispute

    Does Lachie Neale have a genuine claim to being the best player in the league?

    I know this is Bigfooty and racking up a metric sh*t tonne of the ball is counterintuitively seen as a bad thing, but surely he has to come under some consideration? He's currently the most damaging player at the stoppages, either by winning the ball or providing secondary support to Lyons...
  13. La Dispute

    Connor Rozee

    Arguably BOG tonight, and has already built into a really damaging player in his second year. Granted he was an early draft pick, it’s not a huge stretch to suggest he will be one of the best players in the league at some point in his career. Has that rare combination of nous, speed, agility...
  14. La Dispute

    Car Seat Headrest

    I know there are a bunch of CSH fans on Bigfooty, so I thought I'd make a standalone thread to discuss the band. I have listened to the new albums a couple of times now, and it was a little bit disappointing on the whole. I found it stylistically similar to the How to Leave Town EP (LP?) from...
  15. La Dispute

    Brad Crouch v Jaegar O’Meara

    Both solid inside/out midfielders who had career best years last year, but haven’t quite lived up to their junior hype in no small part due to injury. Who would you pick of the two?
  16. La Dispute

    2020 Music

    May as well kick this thread off. What are you most excited for in 2020? For me, new LP's from: Car Seat Headrest Tame Impala Trophy Scars
  17. La Dispute

    Draftee Player Archetypes

    Every year every decent draftee gets compared with a current champion, so what are the most common players elite juniors are associated with? From my view: Good spatial awareness, balance inside/outside game and good disposal = Scott Pendlebury Examples: Jack Macrae, Marcus Bontempelli...
  18. La Dispute

    Toast Jack Silvagni

    Has now arrived as an AFL footballer. Is dangerous as a forward and has great smarts around the ground and an unshakeable to determination to win 1-on-1 contests. He’s been slated on Bigfooty since his debut - mostly by opposition supporters who don’t like his old man - but he’s standing up...
  19. La Dispute

    Multi-positional players in Quidditch

    Anyone know why players aren’t training holistically to be able to fill multiple roles or even swap between positions during the game? Say a chaser has a sharp eye for glancing the golden snitch, or the seeker is also equipped with a club to knock away any stray bludgers, that makes the squad...
  20. La Dispute

    Luke Ryan

    Is this guy the best half back flanker in the league? I know someone will say Whitfield, but he spends plenty of time up the field rotating off a wing and I wouldn’t classify him as a pure defender. Ryan’s everything you’d want out of a rebounding defender: tough, a good contested and...