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  1. JohnRhys

    VFL Our VFL team - whats the future?

    Think we should organize a regular home and away supporters group.
  2. JohnRhys

    VFL Our VFL team - whats the future?

    Hey guys is there an organized cheer squad for our VFL team ? would love to join and follow the team home/away , would be a lot of fun.
  3. JohnRhys

    Resource 2021 NMFC Membership thread

    That settles the nerves for me a bit , thanks year of the roo. I’ve been looking at our tally ( its always slowly updated ) and been very nervous.
  4. JohnRhys

    Resource 2021 NMFC Membership thread

    Thats a worry
  5. JohnRhys

    Resource 2021 NMFC Membership thread

    33,425 means we are 6,575 more people off 40,000 members, which is the minium we need imo.
  6. JohnRhys

    Resource 2021 NMFC Membership thread

    32,176 , as of 9/2/21 - 5:30pm Are these good numbers ? ( not comparing it to other clubs , of course. )
  7. JohnRhys

    Prediction Who will we take with Pick 11?

    I assume that was the strategy of the " EXPERTS " in the year we took Hansen over Selwood.
  8. JohnRhys

    Prediction Round 1 2021 best 22 team

    Big like.
  9. JohnRhys

    News David Noble - New North Melbourne Coach

    North fans in general are extremely happy with this. Should mean a good amount sign up as members next year.
  10. JohnRhys

    Coach David Noble - New NMFC Senior Coach - Welcome Nobes

    Very happy with this , Welcome to David Noble ! Now lets get behind him and sign up , 50,000 members , we can get there !
  11. JohnRhys

    More murals at Arden Street

    Love the TT mural , maybe we need more murals at Arden St of past players and coaches , murals equivocate emotion.
  12. JohnRhys

    Tarryn Thomas has a Mural! Already one of the legends of the AFL!

    Love it , should be more murals around.
  13. JohnRhys

    If you got the chance to pick an AFL club to play for (other than the one you support), who would it be and why?

    Would be the West Coast Eagles , big club , big fan-base , Perth would be a nice city to live in.
  14. JohnRhys

    Classic games from the 1990's?

    r22 1998 , NMFC V WB , North win by 5 points and claim minor p'ship.
  15. JohnRhys

    Prediction Who will we take with Pick 11?

    Yes , that's the one.
  16. JohnRhys

    Prediction Who will we take with Pick 11?

    In a mock draft on ESPN they had us taking Finlay Macrae , i'd be very happy if that were to eventuate.
  17. JohnRhys

    Current Celeste Manno Murder

    Spot on , if he were in the USA that's a path he would have taken. Don't let a geeky look fool you ever , psychopaths come in different forms.
  18. JohnRhys

    Current Celeste Manno Murder

    Shell , i have been rejected by women all of my life , but i am a mature adult who understands women don't owe me anything , the world does not owe me anything , women are not possessions but people who deserve respect. I am not going out and doing stuff like this bacteria has done. In saying...
  19. JohnRhys

    Current Celeste Manno Murder

    Scum , this has shaken me up today. Feel for the family a great deal. Psychopath of a man very clearly. I agree with an above comment , that surely this guy must have had some priors , his past will come out , you don't go from rock climbing to jumping out of a plane overnight. I have read a...
  20. JohnRhys

    Strategy North Melbourne Coaching Changes 2020 & Beyond

    Seems David Noble will get the job ( i hope ) If we hire Robert Harvey i will not be signing up , as for the netball coach i think Tony Jones was taking the mickey out of us , by that logic why don't we hire Amanda Vanstone. NMFC has football performance issues not diversity issues.