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  1. SBD Gonzalez

    New US President - Implications for Australia

    So the Trump failed experiment is over. We now have the Biden/Harris team in power, and a Democrat majority in both houses (albeit a slim one in the Senate). How will this change politicking in Oz? There is no denying some local pollies, all the way up to the PM himself, used Trump’s outrageous...
  2. SBD Gonzalez

    Religion Christianity and Homosexuality

    OK, prompted by the Sydney Anglican Archbishop's call this week for gays to leave the church - This is for all the practising Christians out there. The Bible doesn't actually say a lot about homosexuality - a few mentions in the Old Testament, and some choice words from St Paul in the New...
  3. SBD Gonzalez

    Countering the Don't Argue

    I love to see a good Don’t Argue executed. But one of the other things I love about our game is that it is constantly evolving; even willing to take on techniques from other sports. Tactical trends emerge, and then we start to see the emergence of tactics for countering those tactics. Look at...
  4. SBD Gonzalez

    Opinion Who is looking forward to Season 2016?

    I am. Yes, we've said goodbye to quite a clutch of loyal servants - Shaw, Pyke, Jetta, Bird, Goodesy. It's always sad to see champions hang up their boots, and Adam Goodes in particular was an extremely special class of champion, a singular human being in so many ways. But what's in the past...
  5. SBD Gonzalez

    Important News About Your Swans Supporter Pack

    Sorry, I only just discovered this the hard way. On the bottom of your dinky personalised Swans mug is a very small sticker. It reads: HANDWASH ONLY Don't learn the hard way, as I just did. Looks like crap after going in...
  6. SBD Gonzalez

    All Hail The Greens! NSW Parliament calls McGuire a boofhead.

    Finally, it's official: All the more significant coming from a lifelong Pies supporter.
  7. SBD Gonzalez

    Might we see an all WA or all NSW Grand Final?

    I know it's only Round 8, but this is potentially a sea change. And then it would unarguably be the Australian Football League. Disgust.
  8. SBD Gonzalez

    Light Relief: The Monthly's hilarious categories of AFL players' names From The Monthly a couple of issues back. This is the second year they've done it. Love it! Hopefully it will become an annual occurrence.
  9. SBD Gonzalez

    Autopsy 3 things we learnt against Port Adelaide

    Missed the game and won't have time to watch the recording for a few days, so I can't offer any blinding insights. But no-one else seems to have started the weekly "3 things" thread so I thought I'd put it up, and feel free to post your thoughts folks!
  10. SBD Gonzalez

    Toast Luke Ablett post footy

    Always wondered what our premiership player was doing now. Very interesting Fairfax article on the good work he's doing. One former footy player for whom there's more than meets the eye. Good on him.
  11. SBD Gonzalez

    Universal Love Gee what a great club we support

    The Sydney Swans lead the AFL in so many respects. Here's another example. (Yesterday on the main board, in the thread asking whether we've lost our passion for the game this year, I said no. I...
  12. SBD Gonzalez

    Toast Who is the best-looking Swan?

    Just a bit of frivolity here folks. The missus and I were discussing this the other day and I'm interested to get other opinions. Chance for a bit of platonic manlove* in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Let's keep it nice, OK? Positive raps only. Like all cross-sections of society...
  13. SBD Gonzalez

    Autopsy 3 Things You Learned: Swans Vs Demons

    1. That fiesta of behinds was like the Swans of a decade ago. Seems Nick Davis must be on long-service leave. 2. Hardly an impressive win, but Melbourne have clearly started to rise from the basket they've occupied all this year. 3. We often get a rough trot from the umps but we surely can't...
  14. SBD Gonzalez

    The footy life can be a tough one

    Something here about the early-90s playing career of former Swan Neil Brunton: 10 wins from 71 games. Ouch. We're so accustomed to success at the Swans these days. 2005 and last year (and even 96 and 06)...
  15. SBD Gonzalez

    Eddie, Tex and COLA

    So apparently during the broadcast of the Carlton/Crows game, when Tex Walker did his knee, Eddie McGuire deemed it appropriate to link it to Sydney's Cost of Living Allowance, going on at considerable length (and again at half time) about how if Walker's out for the season, the impact will be...
  16. SBD Gonzalez

    Autopsy How did we allow this to happen?

    McVeigh saying Geelong suckered us into playing their style: If there's one thing we always set out to do, it's getting the opposition to play on our terms. Despite the close Quarter Time score, it...
  17. SBD Gonzalez

    Fitness levels at the start of the season

    Something I'm just not getting (having never played Aussie Rules at a professional level- hah!). As a Sydney Swans fan, I'm constantly hearing that right now, the Swans' training is a month behind that of teams who didn't feature in September. (Presumably fans of other teams who made the...
  18. SBD Gonzalez

    NOW ISRAEL FOLAU DECIDES AGAINST LEAGUE What a hoot! (And after this for Izzy? Gridiron? Ice Hockey? Japanese baseball?)
  19. SBD Gonzalez

    The other codes' dumb, self-congratulatory slogans

    A letter in today's Sydney Morning Herald: To rugby league's ''the greatest game of all'' we add soccer's ''the beautiful game'' or rugby's ''the game they play in heaven''; all tosh to outsiders, yet repeated as if fact by their followers (Letters, September 8-9). Is it just coincidence that...