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    Far right douche Matteo Salvini shoots himself in the foot

    For those of you not up to date with Italian politics, here's a brief rundown. Matteo Salvini is an angry buffoon who constantly looks like he's one bad day from kissing his rosary, clenching it in his fist, and punching everyone he sees. He is also the leader of a far right political party in...
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    NSW Liberals lose Wagga Wagga byelection

    The NSW state seat of Wagga Wagga has been a safe Liberal seat since 1957. But after all the incompetent douchyness at the Federal level, and incumbent Daryl Maguire's disgrace and resignation-- he was secretly taped trying for a "dividend" to help arrange property deals-- the Libs have...
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    Injury Taylor Hunt - medial ligament strain

    Does anybody know anything about his injury? Is it serious?
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    MRP James Kelly Cleared

    Anyone know the details?
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    Beer- does it prove the existence of God?

    Surely the fact of this divine beverage proves beyond any doubt that there is a kind and loving God who wants us to be happy. Surely something with the power to work diverse miracles like making ugly girls pretty, cricket interesting and Placebo tolerable to the human eardrum is proof enough...
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    Congratulations and Commiserations

    Well done Collingwood. I don't support your club so by tradition I ought to hate your guts, but I'm finding it hard to hate the Pies tonight. Well done. You put up one hell of a fight, rattled us, made us afraid and almost pinched a Grand Final place off us. In the end we just had fresher legs...
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    Mooney and Rix

    Cameron Mooney was filthy with Michael Rix, really really angry. Yelled at him for ages, and after the game none of the Geelong players would shake hands with him. Any idea what Rix did to set this off?
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    Votes v Melbourne

    5. Jimmy Bartel 4. Brent Prismall 3. David Wojcinski 2. Tom Hawkins 1. Gary Ablett
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    Nathan Brown quits the Doggies

    Rumor has it that Nathan Brown has invented a time machine and no longer needs football to amass obscene amounts of cash. Just for the hell of it he will line up for University in 1911.
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    Best duo

    I was just thinking about how sometimes two players in a side will play really well together. For us it's gotta be Matthew Scarlett and Tom Harley, the best and most underrated defenders in the league respectively. As a defensive duo they are almost never beaten, and form the core of a pretty...
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    Fans flock to see "Dazzling" Darren

    From The Times Michael Tillbury is a Melbourne supporter, but he went to the Hawthorn v Brisbane game to watch the great "Dazzling" Darren Goldspink in action. Says Tillbury, 28, "A couple of years ago I'd go to Geelong games to see Gary Ablett play. It never used to matter who you supported...
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    Who at your club...

    ... is the umpires' favorite? At Geelong it would have to be Paul Chapman. He's smallish and always at the bottom of the pack, so he gets taken high quite a bit. He doesn't throw his head back though, which is a good thing. I'd be disgusted if he did.
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    Sheedy blasts interstaters over finals furore

    From The Times Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy has, in his usual cryptic manner, attacked the interstate clubs over the MCC finals dispute. "All your base are belong to us." he said, referring to the controversial scheme in which every week of the finals will see the MCG host a final...
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    Matthew Scarlett

    Forget Dustin Fletcher, forget Gaspar, and bugger the idiots who reckon Pavlich should even play there. Matthew Scarlett is the best fullback in the league.
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    Ablett stripped of prize

    From the Times Geelong legend Gary Ablett has been stripped of the second prize he won in last week's Modewarre Football Club raffle due to his involvement in the drug-related death of Alicia Horan. The controversial step of revoking Ablett's dinner for two at Club Cats in Geelong came after...
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    Something we can all agree on.

    That umpire Humphery-Smith is an incompetent fool. Couldn't bounce straight, didn't make a correct decision all day, got underfoot and basically acted like he didn't know what sport he was umpiring. At least he was equally hopeless towards both teams. He got in Clarke's way, obstructing the...
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    Probably a stupid idea

    This is probably a dumb idea, but I think it might make for an interesting few minutes. If a bowler had to come off the ground injured, what if the 12th man had to come in to finish bowling the over? Imagine the drama if the Aussies were playing a one-day game against England, and the English...
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    Wish we'd kept him

    I wish Geelong had never traded away Matthew Robbins. He's been fantastic at the Bulldogs and he was basically their only good player yesterday. We'd have beaten the Dogs by 15 goals if not for him. On the other hand, the Roos are quite welcome to Leigh Who because we got Spriggs in that...
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    What would you do?

    Ignoring just for a second his deplorable human rights record, what would you do if you were in Saddam Hussein's situation. On one hand, he knows the US are just itching to invade and if he doesn't give up all his WMDs there will certainly be a war. On the other hand he knows that several...
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    Most admired player at each club

    Adelaide: Doughty Brisbane: Voss Carlton: Craig Bradley Collingwood: Alan Didak Essendon: Paul Salmon Freo: Hasleby Geelong: Tom Harley Hawthorn: Richie Vandenberg Melbourne: Clint Bizzell Kangas: Leigh Harding Port Adelaide: Matthew Primus Richmond: Matthew Knights St. Kilda: Stewy...