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  1. driver 8

    Rumour Thread

    Superfooty claims Thomas and Didak are certain to head to Carlton
  2. driver 8

    Biggest hogs of all time ...

    Kobe Bryant.... easily
  3. driver 8

    Take a bow Huddo

    Bring back Drew Morphett!
  4. driver 8

    2013 Music

    The Flaming Lips - The Terror : leaked Atoms for Peace - Amok : leaked Black Rebel Motorcycle Club : Specter at the Feast : leaked
  5. driver 8

    2013 Music

    Yo La Tengo - Fade is the best I've heard so far. Really great album. Excited for The Flaming Lips, Sigur Ros, The National, Atoms for Peace and there's been talk of some new Wilco
  6. driver 8

    Top 10 live gigs

    The Flaming Lips - Brisbane - 2011 Radiohead 2004 - Sydney Sigur Ros 2012 - Brisbane Sufjan Stevens 2011 - Brisbane Wilco 2010 - Brisbane Radiohead 2008 - Dublin The National 2009 - Sydney Arcade Fire 2009 - Sydney REM 2005 - Brisbane
  7. driver 8

    Coldplay in Australia

    "I love 'Last Friday Night' by Katy Perry almost as much as 'Karma Police', and if you want to straddle that line, you have to take the slings and arrows." Chris Martin - 2011
  8. driver 8

    Coldplay in Australia

    Coldplay got big with Parachutes. How many songs do they play from that album? One
  9. driver 8

    New Bloc Party album in two hours

    I'm yet to have a listen, will do so today
  10. driver 8

    New Bloc Party album in two hours

    Leaky leaky
  11. driver 8

    Radiohead live

    I've seen them three times, twice in Sydney for Hail to the Thief and in Dublin for In Rainbows. (I'd say the Flaming Lips are the only better live show I've seen). As has been said already, a memorising show. Love the unpredictability in their set lists. Seeing them out here in November. In...
  12. driver 8

    Radiohead live

    90% last 3 albums, couple of old songs scattered throughout
  13. driver 8

    Harvest Festival - very cool line up.

    Really keen for Wilco to be added. Their schedule for 2012 is full except for a big gap in November! It ties in perfectly.
  14. driver 8

    Snow Patrol

    Used to love Final Straw... but a combination of my music tastes changing and Snow Patrol releasing Chasing Cars was the end of it for me.
  15. driver 8

    Muse - The 2nd Law (September 2012)

    Used to defend Muse till I ran out of breath... but then the last album (and Knights of Cydonia) happened. Absolute wank fest, and I'd say this song is the worst of all. What happened to you Muse?
  16. driver 8

    Whats your top 10 bands?

    1 REM 2 Radiohead 3 Wilco 4 Sigur Ros 5 The Flaming Lips 6 The National 7 The Beatles 8 The White Stripes 9 The Walkmen 10 The Rolling Stones
  17. driver 8

    The Walkmen - Heaven

    Love The Rat Love In the New Year Love The Walkmen Saw them at Harvest festival last year... weren't amazing but I put that down to having to play at 2pm in the middle of November dressed in suits. Had a few listens to Heaven. Really like Heartbreaker and We Can't Be Beat. Need more listens.
  18. driver 8

    Whats your top 10 bands?

    1 REM 2 Wilco 3 Radiohead 4 The Flaming Lips 5 Sigur Ros 6 The National 7 The Beatles 8 The White Stripes 9 The Walkmen 10 Yo La Tengo
  19. driver 8

    Harvest Festival - very cool line up.

    Well Harvest Festival version 2.0 is likely to be announced later this month. Rumour has it Sigur Ros is set to headline while Ben Kweller and Sleigh Bells are also being suggested. I loved this festival last year (Brisbane didn't have the teething problems that the Melbourne day experienced)...
  20. driver 8

    First coach to be sacked 2012

    Well said